Hurva Synagogue: Arabs go apeshit, “US does not object”

  • Obama isn’t trying to create an atmosphere for peace – he’s trying to deliver Jerusalem to Arabs for nothing.

Rage boy comes to J’lem: Obama’s Peace Ally Hamas Announces ‘Day of Rage’ in Jerusalem/Gateway Pundit

Hamas terrorists announced a “day of rage” set for Tuesday in response to Israel reopening an ancient synagogue in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter.

The newly rebuilt Hurva Synagogue, destroyed by the Jordanian army in 1948

The house of worship was first built in the early 1700s, burned down in 1720, and rebuilt in 1864. Built in the center of the Jewish Quarter, it dominated the Jerusalem skyline (along with the Tiferes Yisrael synagogue.)

Naturally, the Muslims are furious at Jews daring to rebuild a synagogue in a spot that they had lived continuously for well over two thousand years. As I reported a few months ago, what really bugged them was the height of the structure, because in Islamic tradition mosques should always be the tallest buildings in the area. Since the Jewish Quarter is on a hill, the Hurva dome will be higher than the domes on the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock. Elder of Ziyon

A little Jew-hatred from Hamas

YNet reports:

Amid growing tensions in east Jerusalem, senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Zahar leveled scathing criticism, replete with anti-Semitic rhetoric, over the rededication of the Hurva Synagogue in the Old City’s Jewish Quarter.

“You who are opening Hurva are heading towards ruin. Wherever you have been you’ve been sent to your destruction [a pun on the name Hurva – EoZ]. You’ve killed and murdered your prophets and you have always dealt in loan-sharking and destruction,” he said Monday, during a conference of Palestinian groups in Gaza.

“You’re destined to be destroyed. You’ve made a deal with the devil and with destruction itself – just like your synagogue,” al-Zahar said.

Al-Zahar urged the Arab world to respond to “Israel’s crimes and protect the sites that are holy to Muslims and Christians from the Zionists’ racist onslaught”.

The Arabic Hamas article about Zahar’s talk also includes his accusation that Jews have ruined every country in which they have lived.

(Reluctant, unofficial co-blogger) Zvi comments:

Al-Zahar is not talking about settlers. He is not talking about Israelis. He is talking about Jews – all of us, everywhere. He repeats with relish the standard blood libels, the standard claims that Jews are simply and irretrievably evil and must therefore be destroyed. This is a clear and straightforward admission of Hamas’s real program. The fact that Hamas is currently not strong enough to carry out that program is beside the point. Only a suicidal Israeli government would allow such a crazed enemy to become strong enough. And only people for whom the murder of Jews is unimportant – or even greatly desirable – can possibly support the strengthening of that crazed enemy.

And don’t forget that the front page of Islamic Jihad’s online paper still has a link to an article about how Jews are historically evil.

The mask that Palestinian Arabs try to put on claiming that they are not anti-semitic, but only anti-Zionist, has fallen yet again.

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PalArab lies and true goals revealed by Hurva

Tensions remain high as Israeli officials plan to rededicate a synagogue 330 meters from the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City. The decision to rededicate the building on Monday was condemned as an act of aggression by Palestinian religious officials.


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  1. “… the Hurva dome will be higher than the domes on the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock …”

    Nothing that Whelan the Wrecker can’t handle when the time comes.

  2. Al-Zahar
    Go and fuck yourself with a pick!! Christians and Jews live together in peace and respect – muslims can live with no one!!! And we don’t need a stinking illiterate muslim pig to fly the Christian flag!!!!

  3. I always thought Jews had a positive effect on society, ie: they adapt within the culture and mix with people and add to the intellectual growth of society. I think the number of Nobel prize winners against the number of islamic nobel winners kind of proves the point.
    As for rage over the building of a synagogue, probably a good thing we don’t get a bit pissed every time they build a mosque (each a potential weapons store) in the modern world!

  4. “… the Hurva dome will be higher than the domes on the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock …”

    Brilliant. Everytime Muslims look up, they will see the synagogue, and it will remind them that they are dhimmis.

  5. * Everytime Muslims look up, they will see the synagogue …

    It will be unbearable for them to look up & see the Third Temple under construction where their abominations now stand.

  6. Pity the Jews are not fond of our porcine friends or they could perhaps build a Piggery next door just to maintain the Rage so to speak!

  7. Obama will never create an atmosphere of peace between Israel and the muslims, because he is a damn, dirty muslim himself. Muslims have become the single largest plague and curse on this earth, far worse than any Tsunami, earthquake or disease like aids. Israel is the homeland of the children of Israel and every muslim dog should be driven out. Every country in the world should drive these filthy scum out of their countries back to where they belong, preferably to a pig sty, somewhere in shit land.

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