Israel Under Siege

Our peace partners from Fatah incite Arabs to barricade themselves on the Temple Mount

The ‘moderate’ Fatah terror organization (our ‘peace partner’) has joined a call by Sheikh Raed Salleh’s Northern Front Islamic organization (‘Israeli Arabs’) for Arabs to storm the Temple Mount and barricade themselves inside al-Aqsa mosque on the Mount.

Meanwhile, the police have denied a Jewish group’s request to hold a cornerstone laying ceremony for a Third Jewish Temple (the first two having been destroyed 2,600 years ago and 2,000 years ago).

Who is spoiling for a fight?

The ‘Palestinian’ call is linked to Monday’s re-dedication of the Churva synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Is there anything Jews do in Israel that is not a ‘provocation’ to ‘Palestinians’? Probably not. After all, when we die (God save us), we are buried somewhere in the country. Anything we do while alive, the ‘Palestinians’ consider ‘provocative.’ Carl in J’lem

All the same evil

Atlas Shrugs

A masked Palestinian Muslim demonstrator holds stones during clashes with Israeli forces in Ras al-Amud just outside Jerusalem‘s Old City, Friday, March 12, 2010.

Che, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, the Grand Mufit, Ahmadinejad el al it’s all the same evil….

Muslims targeting Jews in Norway Carl in J’lem

Biden leaves, ‘Palestinian Authority’ honors mass murderer

Joe Biden left Israel on Thursday mid-day, and that same afternoon, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ honored mass murderer Dalal al-Mughrabi.

Senior Palestinian Authority official says Israel “playing with fire,” calls on Muslims to “converge on al-Aqsa to save it”

Remember, the Fatah guys are the “moderates.” Partners for peace and all that. And in this case, the “provocation” du jour is the renovation of a synagogue situated in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem — still enough fuel for some quality conspiracy paranoia. It never takes much. “PA calls Arabs to ‘defend al Aksa’,” by Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post

Israel nabs senior Hamas boss

Maher U’dda is implicated in the deaths of over 70 Israelis through the years. But that won’t stop Hamas and others from maligning Israel as the aggressor, and possibly retaliating. “Israelis nab senior Hamas leader,” from CNN (I don’t get it. Why “nab” him instead of just  exporting him to the virgins?/ed)

Over 13 Honor Killings in Two Months in Muslim Occupied Territories in “Palestine”

Cairo Jews aren’t dhimmified enough, complains Egypt

Egypt canceled the inauguration of a restored synagogue on Sunday citing objections to Israel’s treatment of Muslims in the occupied territories as well as alleged excesses during an earlier ceremony. Elder of Ziyon Comments (16)

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  1. Something will trigger the destruction of the islamic abominations on the Temple Mount, followed by the building of the Third Temple and its subsequent occupation by Antichrist. I do not know what the trigger will be – it may be muslims, an earthquake, but the prophecy will be fulfilled.

    muslims can no more resist the temptation to destroy Israel than water can resist flowing over a waterfall … and when they attack Israel they will be slaughtered.

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