Jeremiah Wright & Louis Farraklan: brothers in arms!

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Figures. Obama’s Mentor Doesn’t Take Responsibility For His Actions Either

Barack Obama’s mentor and father figure Rev. Jeremiah “G-D AmeriKKKa” Wright became national figure in the 2008 election after video was released showing HIM cursing America after the 9-11 attacks. He also has a history of attacking whitey, blasting Jews, promoting anti-Semites, and supporting Hezbollah and Hamas.

But, just like Obama, Jeremiah Wright does not take responsibility for his own actions. Today he blamed the media for the supposed harassment his family endured because of his HIS hateful racist remarks.
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Another update from the network of negro traitors who exert undue influence on America’s  welfare recipients:

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Sailing under false flag: the  racist closet Muslim Jeremiah Wright converted to Islam, only to become a fake “Christian” hate-preacher who then peddled “Black Liberation Theology” and indoctrinated masses of American Negroes with hatred of “whitey…” The article written by Ryan Lizza is now scrubbed from the web….

He’s one of the best known religious leaders in the nation, President Obama’s former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  His sometimes controversial, fiery sermons have lasted for hours at times… but when Wright was paired up with Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and Catholic priest, Father Michael Pfleger, there wasn’t much said.  In fact, the three sat quietly together, in the audience at Chicago’s historic Regal Theatre, as honorees for a fundraiser called “Living Legends, Educating 365”.

Several hundred people paid between $40-$100 for tickets to the show, and entered through doors with entrances separated for males and females.  As is typical for public events involving Farrakhan, members of the public were padded down by security and “wanded” for metals as they came through the door.   Inside, Wright sold and signed copies of his latest book, “A Sankofa Moment.  The History of Trinity United Church of Christ”, for $25.   Wright’s daughter Jeri hosted the program, which included musical acts and comedy.  Proceeds go to charities lead by the 3 honorees.

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