Jihad for Reverts & Retards

“Suicide is un-Islamic”

(unless you blow up a bunch of Jooozzz….)

Did Louise Rogers use the schoolbus she was driving as a weapon to kill  nine-year-old Kathelynn Occena?

“I tried to take my life,” she answered softly under questioning from inquiry lawyer Nancy McCurdy, one of several instances where Rogers became emotional during testimony.

The inquiry, which cannot assign blame, heard Rogers’ life began to spiral starting in May of 2007 as she started seeing other men (tell us, please: what kind of “other men..?) and was separated from her husband, prompting her to take stress leave from the school.

One month later she converted to Islam and began wearing a hijab. cnews

Russia looking for 21 members of “black widow” jihadist cell trained in Turkey

According to this story, one of the bombers in yesterday’s attack in Moscow may also have been mentally retarded. Such gallant mujahedin, pressing the most vulnerable members of society into the business of mass murder. And it would not be the first time we have seen this tactic employed. “Russia hunts 21-strong ‘Black Widow’ cell as first images of suicide bombers are released,” by Will Stewart for the Daily Mail,/JW

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  1. I think a full Burka is requied in this case so many men to date she will need the protection of the Burka to cover up such a natural beauty.
    D Crane D Crane…

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