Jihad in Nigeria

Update: Journalists don’t get religion

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Mass murder of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria

Utterly appalling violence by Muslims against Christians in Nigeria where the latest tally after weekend attacks on three mostly Christian villages is some 500 dead.

From Andrew Bolt:

Officials estimate that 500 people were massacred in night-time raids by rampaging Muslim gangs near the city of Jos, where the Christian-Muslim fault line cuts across Nigeria. Typically,  the resident Muslims offer  instant justification of what  they call “retaliation…”

The media have described these events as ‘riots’; I would call this a jihadi pogrom. It is but the latest episode in what the media persist in characterising as inter-ethnic violence, but which is in fact a systematic attempt by Muslims to murder and ethnically cleanse the Christian community. The onslaught is described as ‘retaliation ‘ for violent attacks in Jos last January, in which the majority of the victims were Muslim. But as theBarnabas Fund reports, there is evidence that those January attacks were in fact Christian retaliation against Muslim aggression — in particular on that occasion an attack on a church — which has been going on for years.

The fact that the jihad in Africa is widely ignored in the west is not just a moral dereliction of duty. It is a refusal by the west to understand what it is actually up against.

What is happening to Nigeria’s Christians makes a mockery of the frenzied western obsession with Israel. To understand the real cause of global tumult we should look carefully at Africa, and the appalling suffering of those upholding the religion that underpins the western world.

Sheik adds:

But of course, the jihad is global. The jihad in Nigeria is no different from the one in Sudan or Somalia, from Thailand to the Philippines,  from Kenya to the constant jihad attacks on Israel, from Kashmir to Iraq  and from Chechnya to India.

Here, take a look:

Horrific pictorial essay of Muslim brutality against Hindus, an ongoing Jihad.

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  1. In the Muslims Army invasions of India at least 80 million Hindu’s were mass murdered, making it the biggest mass murder in human history.

    Another record broken by the religion of peace.

  2. Nigeria: Muslim opposition candidate rejects election results, 40,000 displaced in violence

    “We left our homes for fear of attacks from the mobs,” said a Christian woman in Kano. “Jonathan rival rejects vote result as thousands flee Nigeria unrest,” from the Daily Nation, April 20 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

    The Muslim opposition candidate in Nigeria’s presidential polls rejected the results today but urged calm after deadly post-election riots, amid a rush to help nearly 40,000 displaced.
    Authorities say many were killed in the violence, which saw corpses burnt beyond recognition and bodies reportedly thrown into wells, but have refused to give a toll, saying it could spark reprisals and would be inaccurate.

    There were reports of fresh clashes in the northern state of Kaduna overnight, with a community leader telling local radio “the killing was unbelievable and the destruction is colossal.”

    One government official, explaining authorities’ reluctance to release an overall death toll from since the vote on Saturday, said, “I wouldn’t like to use the term massacre… some places it was terrible.”

    Curfews and military patrols appeared to have brought an uneasy calm to many areas Wednesday as the thousands who fled their homes in fear took refuge at police and military barracks, sleeping in the open under trees.

    The Red Cross said it had counted around 410 people wounded in the violence that began sporadically in the country’s mainly Muslim north before spreading to some 14 states on Monday. […]

    Authorities have however argued that the rioting was not based on religion or ethnicity but was instigated by those unhappy with the victory of incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian.

    And why were they angry with Jonathan’s victory? Because he is a southern Christian, and they are northern Muslims who are enraged that he succeeded a Muslim and that a Muslim is not in power:

    Jonathan took over in May 2010 following the death of his predecessor Umaru Yar’Adua, a northern Muslim who had not finished his first term, prompting bitterness in the north over its loss of power.
    In the most intense rioting Monday, mobs roamed the streets with machetes and clubs, pulling people out of cars and setting homes on fire. Reprisal attacks intensified the situation.

    For fear of attacks

    In the main northern city of Kano, a Christian woman taking refuge at a police station said she had fled through back alleys with her three children after she saw smoke and heard shouting.

    “We left our homes for fear of attacks from the mobs,” said Mary Okechukwu, 36. “Many have gone back to their homes, but … I will not risk my life and that of my children.”…

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