Jihad on wheelchairs….

Must be cultural thing. Nothing to do with Islam. As long as Islam isn’t mentioned its okay, no….?

Andrew Bolt:

The rise of the barbarians:

A MAN in a wheelchair has been punched in the face, stomped on and hit on the head with metal bars at a train station in Sydney’s west. Continued below…

Education jihad:

Another immigration rort that’s only belatedly being fixed. Heavens, even my hairdressers, who teach such frauds, have known for years it’s a joke:

ONE in five international colleges are “permanent residency factories” for foreigners who want visas not education.

The head of a review of the $17 billion international education sector said dodgy colleges had been allowed to flourish under successive governments, giving Australian educators a bad name.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan: Suicide Bomber Unleashes Holy Hell on School Kids…

Not incidentally, this should make us reconsider how compatible some immigrants are with the Australian culture and economy, given the extraordinarily high rates of imprisonment of people from certain countries. Check the place of birth of our prisoners against the numbers here, and you’ll find that while 0.13% of all Australians are prisoners, the proportion in jail for Tongans is 0.74%, for Samoans is 0.64%, for Fijians is 0.26% and for New Zealanders 0.20% (and almost certainly higher for Maori, who compromise more than half New Zealand’s prison population).

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