Jihadists hiding bombs in breasts & buttocks

That’s right after their clerics issued a fartwa that Mohammedans should not go through the full body scanners that have been designed especially for them. But you see, the full body scan is only bad if the kufars do it to Muslims, because that’s un-Islamic:

“Whenever any person from third world countries visits America, the American agencies conduct full body scan just to harass and insult them and not due to security reasons,”

Curiously, the Islamic Peoples Republic of Iran has no qualms to use full body scanners on their flock, because they’re all too modest anyway to warrant a closer look under the shrouds:

Iran equips airports with body scanners – JW

So the Fiqh Council tells Mohammedans in the West it is un-Islamic to go through body scanners, thereby calling for an exemption for Muslims,  which defeats  the purpose of the exercise  but since the scanners are ordered and used in all airports from next year, they will be used on all of us except on those who blow up airplanes….?

Tick tock…….

Anyhow, even if we do spent all that money  for our security, the jihadists have already figured out how to circumvent the full-body scanners. “Al-Qaida hiding bombs in breast implants, says MI5,” from the Times of India, March 24, via JW

FEMALE suicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. The Sun

LONDON: Al-Qaida is laying deadly “booby traps” by equipping its female suicide bombers with explosive breast implants that are impossible to be detected at airport security checkpoints, British intelligence agency MI5 has claimed.”Women suicide bombers recruited by al-Qaida are known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery,” the British newspaper Sun quoted terrorist expert Joseph Farah, as saying.

The lethal explosives called PETN are inserted inside plastic shapes during the operation, before the breast is then sewn up, he added.

According to the MI5, al-Qaida doctors have been trained at some of Britain’s leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures.

The intelligence agency has also discovered that extremists are inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some male suicide bombers.

Top surgeons have confirmed the feasibility of the explosive implants.

“Properly inserted, the implant would be virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines,” one surgeon said.

“You would need to subject a suspect to a sophisticated X-ray. Given that the explosive would be inserted in a sealed plastic sachet, and would be a small amount, would make it all the more impossible to spot it with the usual body scanner,” he added.

A sachet containing as little as five ounces of PETN could blow “a considerable hole” in an airline’s skin, causing it to crash, experts said.

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  1. Huh I must have missed something can you remind my why we still allow Muslims on planes? Even if they have a nice Rack !


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