KRuddish Detective Work in Israel Gets Real Messy….

Whoever killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh did the world a favor – so get over it.

An update from the “blame Israel first”  mentality that caused the screening of an Israeli film in Parliament House to be postponed

Andrew Bolt:

How could that friendship be dropped so fast?

A relationship getting warmer all the time:

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police agents are believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run car accident less than 12 hours after arriving in Israel to investigate the use of passports of three Australians in last month’s Dubai assassination.

In an extraordinary turn of events, a car screeched out of the car park under the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv and hit a woman riding a bicycle, who was not seriously injured.

But the car did not stop, instead continuing on its high-speed journey.

The Australian Embassy last night confirmed it was investigating the incident but would not confirm that the car that hit the woman contained the three AFP agents.

Instead of sending Aussie coppers on a wild goose chase to Israel, perhaps KRudd should take advice from Hamas instead:

Hamas: ‘Arab state behind Dubai assassination’

3 thoughts on “KRuddish Detective Work in Israel Gets Real Messy….”

  1. It is almost certainly a hit by muzzies – one wonders how many more names are going to be accussed by the dubai police.

    I would also like to see the names of the AFP team investigating this – it could be revealing.

  2. Hi Krudd, do you think Israel would have risked 26 agents to kill one rat? Can’t you see this is a set up, you silly, pompous little twerp? Israel is the first firing line for all muslim hatred which basically keeps the west safe. Keeping Australia free from these dirt bags should be the responsibility of our government.

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