Christmas all year round now:

Five more boats in a week

Signing deals with Indonesia not working too well for Australia’s incurable warmist  PM:

A boat carrying asylum seekers has been intercepted north-west of Christmas Island…

It is believed 35 passengers and two crew members were on board.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for identity, security and health checks. It is the fifth boat of asylum seekers picked up in Australian waters since last Sunday.

Please define the difference between “intercepted” and “welcomed”?

Labour ads banned for lying about warming


If only our own watchdogs were as scrupulous:

TWO government advertisements that use nursery rhymes to warn people of the dangers of climate change have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for exaggerating the potential harm.

But back here, any old rubbish gets through>>>

3 thoughts on “KRuddwatch”

  1. Rub a dub dub
    Fifty three men in a tub
    took over a Customs vessel and refused to leave until their demands were met

  2. The incoming rush of criminal elements invading our country in boats will be Kevin Rudd’s waterloo. Why don’t these people immigrate to Australia via the imigration system? This is the question which must be posed to the labour government, whose stand on these people is as weak as piss. The reason is, these boat people (Criminals) will not be able to pass our immigration levels and police clearances.

  3. Huddie,
    The situation is worse than you can imagine. People from muslim countries are usually not processed for entry by Australians in Australia, rather proxies appointed by respectice Australian embassies in muslim countries- these people who make the selection tests are not Australian and are beholden to the usual criminal behavior that one sees in the muslim world – bribery, corruption, etc, Have you ever wondered why we get only muslims from muslim countries and not the oppressed Christians – because the muslims pay the bribes.

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