Litigation Jihad: 95,000 descendants of Mohammed to sue over 'blasphemous' cartoons

Update: how the cartoon riots are engineered

How about a counter suit? Should we not sue these descendants of Muhammad for the damage they have done?

Cartoon Wars Against Freedom of Speech

NEARLY 95,000 descendants of Mohammed are going to sue 10 newspapers for publishing “blasphemous” cartoons of the prophet.

(Arab con man) Faisal Yamani, a Saudi lawyer acting for the descendants, claims that the cartoons – which first appeared in 2005 and caused violent protests by Muslims around the world – are defamatory.

The dreaded cartoons of blasphemy

One of the 12 cartoons depicts Mohammed wearing a bomb-shaped turban.

The Sunday Times said that although the cartoons were published by Danish newspapers, Mr Yamani plans to pursue legal action in England, where libel laws are weighted towards the plaintiff.

English lawyers expect that he will argue that the cartoons were published in Britain via the internet and are a direct slur on his clients, who live in the Middle East, north Africa and even Australia.

Mark Stephens, a British lawyer who saw Mr Yamani’s missive to the newspapers, told The Sunday Times: “Direct descendants of the prophet have a particular place within Muslim society … By effectively criticising and making fun of the prophet you are, by implication, holding them up to scandal, contempt and public ridicule.

“The question is, is that defamatory in English law?”

He said that although many judges would dismiss such a case, “it is obviously a very highly charged issue and if they do throw it out, it becomes political”.

Mr Yamani has already won an apology from the Danish newspaper Politiken for printing the cartoons.

The cartoons first appeared in Jyllands-Posten as part of its campaign to promote freedom of expression.

However, the paper’s offices have been evacuated several times after security threats and the artist behind the bomb cartoon, Kurt Westergaard, was forced to go into hiding. In January this year a man was shot trying to get into his home.

Update from Islam in Europe:

Yamani is a con-artist

Meanwhile, it turns out the only person who wants to sue the Danish papers is the lawyer Faisal Yamani, and not all of Muhammad’s descendants.

In August 2009 Yamani lied about this in his letter to 16 Danish editors, reports B.T.

The lawyer wrote that he’s working for thousands of Mohmmad’s descendants, who feel insulted by the papers reprinting the cartoons, and that they asked him to turn to the papers and ask for an apology.

As it turns out, Faisal Yamani and his wealthy father Zaki Yamani, took the initiative on their own.  In April 2008 they wrote on an Arab chat-forum that they will sue for themselves, so that the editors will be punished.

They also said that the lawsuit will force the Danish government to officially apologize for the cartoons, and that interested Muslims who can show their descendants of Muhammad should send a power of attorney if they support the lawsuit.

Conservative integration spokesperson Naser Khader think Yamani is a con-artist.  “The reality is that it’s this family’s own initiative to profile themselves.  I actually think that Tøger Seidenfaden should officially apologize to the Danes for his naivety,” he says.

He’s backed by Social-Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt.  “This shows once more how foolish it was to apologize,” she says.

Denmark wants Brussels to stop UK Mohammed cartoon lawsuit

“The problem is not a problem for us alone, but for authors and the media in all member states. The UK must live up to EU standards and reconsider their legislation.”

The British government for its part recognises there is a problem.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “The government is concerned about any potential chilling effect that our libel laws are having on freedom of speech. In response to the concerns that have been expressed, the justice secretary has set up a working group to examine a range of issues around the substantive law on libel.”

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The Saudi lawyer claiming to represent 95,000 descendants Mohammed is using the controversial English libel laws to sue Danish newspapers who printed a Motoon.

The Danish Minister for Justice Lars Barfoed has complained to the EU commission:

But it would be taking it to the extreme if an English court could rule against the Danish media and then require compensation and court costs to be paid.

Dodgy Saudi lawyer Faisal Yamani has failed to get an apology from most of the Danish papers and is now suing for compensation in the only venue left open to him. Inadvertantly, he has given boost to the libel reform campaign. Saudi lawyer uses English libel to sue Danish papers/Media watch-watch

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