Look who's coming to Australia

My KRuddness: they just keep coming!

Update: Now Rudd must bring his boat people to the mainland

Brisbane’s Immigration Transit Centre is at capacity with new arrivals from Christmas Island

“They are not supposed to talk to you”

More asylum seekers are expected to arrive in Queensland in coming days. Some of the detainees in Brisbane have been here for months and a group of Afghani and Kurdish asylum seekers yesterday were taken on a shopping trip to a suburban mall.

When The Sunday Mail asked if they were Afghanis, several said “Yes” and one said “Kurdish”. They smiled, nodded and said “Yes” when asked if they had come from Christmas Island, but did not say how long they had been in Brisbane.

An Immigration staff member said: “They are not supposed to talk to you.”

But you are supposed to pay for their groceries.

Boats, boats and bigger boats

Andrew Bolt:

KRudd blames Sri Lanka’s (finished) civil war for the flood of boat people, but the Parliamentary Library says the vast majority of them actually come from the Middle East:

Refugees from what? Asylum from what?

Are they fleeing the war in Kuwait? is there war in Bangladesh?  Indonesia? Pakistan? Iraqis, Kurds & Afghans? Don’t their Muslim brothers have a religious obligation to offer them refuge?

Just more proof that the invasion of Australia by welfare seeking Muslims is part of the grand scheme to make the world Islamic.

This is not about bleeding hearts: this about the replacement of  the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat that will provide Labor with a permanent power base.

Mass immigration kills Aussie culture, says demographer Bob Birrell

Not that that would worry Victoria police chief Simon Overland, who is chasing his own police officers instead over  “racist e-mail”

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  1. Three more detainees flee Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre
    [chinese nationals – uighurs perhaps?]

  2. Rudd always has his eye on the elections, looking at ways to remain popular, even at the cost of our beautiful culture, freedom and way of life. Andrew Bolt is right when he questions the reasons why these turds are coming to Australia. I believe one of the main reasons for these bastards coming here is to create an effective militant group and slowly, but surely dominate our country by using their time tested fear tactics.

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