Major Muslim religious group calls for jihad against Israel

You know how Muslims say “they respect all religions?

Elder of Ziyon  links:

They prove it every day: From Jordan’s Al Gahd

Major Muslim religious group calls for jihad against Israel

Not to worry, I’m sure its all about peaceful “inner struggle”:

Elder of Ziyon:

The International Association of Muslim Scholars, an organization founded by Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a “moderate” alternate to Muslim extremism, has called on the entire Muslim world to start a jihad “in all its forms” to “defend” the Al Aqsa mosque from presumed desecration by the Zionists.

The “in all its forms” phrasing is meant to leave no doubt that he is calling for war. The photo illustrating the story in Palestine Today, showing coffins draped with Israeli flags, shows that the message is crystal-clear.

The statement specifically calls on Jordan and Egypt to sever relations with Israel and for the Muslim world to pressure their leaders to “do something before it is too late,” i.e., start a war with Israel.

Qaradawi was considered by Newsweek to be a front-runner to take over as head of Al Azhar University after the death of Sheikh Tantawi.

Saudi cleric calls for destruction of Grand Mosque in Mecca

A hardline Saudi cleric, Youssef al-Ahmed, has called for the Grand Mosque in Mecca (which houses the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam) to be destroyed! (For once I agree with a Saudi…/ed)

Tamimi doesn’t even pause in his lies and incitement

Sheikh Tamimi, the main architect of the lie that Israel was planning to lay the cornerstone of a new synagogue at on the Temple Mount last Tuesday and the man most responsible for the riots in Jerusalem, now has “revealed” the next fictional plan to take over the mosque.

Gold boom in Gaza (updated)

Suffering, starving Pal’s anybody?

From Al Arabiya:

Gaza’s borders are closed and its economy in shambles, but the glittering alleys of the territory’s centuries-old gold bazaar are packed with young brides to be.

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    Ezekiel 38 / 39 will be on God’s terms – not theirs.

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