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Obama Is Asking Congress For $2.8 Billion In Emergency Funding For Haiti…

My people, my people…

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $2.8 billion in emergency funding for the reconstruction effort in Haiti following January’s devastating earthquake.

Cabaret (Just to crack you up)

The noble tradition of progressive parasites eager for other people to be robbed to pay their bills for them continues:

“Obama gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car….”

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2 thoughts on “Money”

  1. What a f*ucking moron. The majority of whites who voted for him must be tearing their hair out.

  2. urban11, I suspect you’re right. Seen some reactions – not pretty. Hence the Nov2, 2010 shellacking 😉

    Was it not enough that the marines spent 19 years there at one point (they were there not only once) and they built thousands of miles of roads, hospitals, schools etc., and to maintain law and order?

    The moment they left everything fell apart again. As far as I know they only ever had about 2 fairly elected presidents; and presidents never last long – some come up with the most ridiculous nonsense like a twisted, evil corrupted version of The Lord’s Prayer, another one liked to pretend that he’s the incarnation of the bigshot voodoo loa called Baron Samedi and once executed all black dogs in Haiti after he heard someone who attempted a coup turned himself into a black dog (not the kind you’d see in ‘Supernatural’), all sorts of ridiculous nonsense. Another ousted corrupt one is Aristide, who is in exile in SA, where he got a nice house, an ‘honorary’ doctorate and now teaches ethics of all things.

    You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    They are attacking UN Peacekeepers and when the UN shoots back, they run around feeling sorry for themselves because the UN is ‘slaughtering’ them.

    Most of them will tell you they’re Christians, but man oh man, the moment disaster strikes they run back to the voodoo priest. They stone people do death because they cast a spell to cause cholera (much like what happens in Africa to Red Cross workers or teachers when there are ebola outbreaks) etc.

    How many times have their debt been completely written off? They never pay any of it back – since they slaughtered all the French (and mulattos) around 1804, they have had over 200 YEARS to fix things! Senegal or Ghana have offered them free land and places to stay if they want to return to make up for the historical role of African leaders in the slave trade (they did the capturing and selling to traders). Perhaps they should go back – I sincerely think they’d do better there. And then maybe their half of the island can recover…

    So maybe just enough to pay their airfare … hang on no planes that can be hijacked – rather a nice boat ride – they should be used to ‘visiting’ other countries with boat rides.

    “Obama gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car…” should be the first one to go. Free land! The sad thing is that they really truly believe this is the way things ought to work. Nothing about working for what you have… it has to come from SOMEWHERE for goodness’ sake.

    Printing and printing… Not so long ago, Robber Mugarbage did the same thing in Zimbabwe – they ended up having to start using the US$ and the Rand (SA) because the inflation rate hit trillions % – it ended up being a purely academic matter because you may see there’s bread in the shop and when you go home and come back with packs and packs of Zim dollars, the price had already gone up … that is if there’s anything left (shelves were empty extremely often).

    So. If he doesn’t stop printing money left, right and center, that’s where America is headed. Didn’t he also give millions to Palestine or some place recently too?

    That pic is well done, by the way… Nice one, weazelzippers! Wait I take that back… that’s some EXCELLENT Photoshop work there 🙂

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