Moslem friendly Australia is really getting good at meet & greet…

Andrew Bolt:

Kevin Rudd’s well on track to smash his record for boat arrivals:

The 17th asylum seeker boat to arrive in Australian waters this year has been intercepted near Christmas Island off the coast of north-west Australia… Fifty-seven people are on board the boat.

What’s the definition of “intercepted”? Surely it means something different to “greeted”?

In other news:

ROCK’N’ROLL bad boy Gary Angry Anderson believes life experience has taught him “Aussies use their fists” when they fight and that ”weapons were introduced by other cultures”.

“You never kick a bloke when he’s down . . . you don’t gang up on a bloke. These things are Australian and we shouldn’t shy away from being Australian. The weapons are imported: Angry/Andrew Bolt

8 thoughts on “Moslem friendly Australia is really getting good at meet & greet…”

  1. Australia is deemed the most friendly country for Muslims. Once the Muslim population exceeds the non muslim population ( at the rate they profiligate) the views may change BUT too late of course.

    Kick the Buggers out before you drown in misery.

  2. There is something about Islam that I find very perplexing. It is this. When Muslims have the chance to ethnically a cleanse or murder a non-Muslim community, they do so with gusto. If OTH, if that same non-Muslim community has the chance to return the favour, they desist. It is as if Islam injects a poison into the bloodstream of its victim, that suppresses the immune system of the victim.

  3. I love muslims, I consider them my brothers and my sisters. I pray for them and ask God to keep them far from me. Australia would be better served keeping them out…OUT. Hope Mr. Krudd reads this message. Send it on to him, someone, please. When you allow muslims into our country, you are opening the door, not for people, but, for wicked, evil demons. Yes, these are demons in the form of human beings.

  4. According to SBS News now, Lakemba Mosque held their ‘Meet & Greet’ today. Amongst 1,000 worshippers possibly a few hundred took the opportunity to see inside.

    Looks like we do not want to meet and greet them.

    “Submit’ YUK! No Way!

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