Mosque rat in Malmo feels "great sympathy for the Jewish community" and knows what it's going through because "the Muslim community, too, is exposed to Islamophobia."…

Sweden: Ongoing wave of hate crimes by Muslims forcing Jews out of Malmo

This story, similar to one that was published in February, describes more cases of violence by Muslims against Jews in Malmo. The logical question, then, is: what are they doing in Malmo to stop this behavior, which is so utterly antithetical to Swedish values? Well, they’ve appointed an “anti-hate-crimes coordinator.” Yeah, that oughtta fix it.

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“Hate crimes force Jews out of Malmo,” by Karl Ritter for the Associated Press, March 29; via JW:

Marcus Eilenberg is a Swedish Jew whose family roots in Malmo run deep. His paternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors who found shelter in this southern Swedish city in 1945. His wife’s parents fled to Sweden from communist Poland in the 1960s.

Now the 32-year-old law firm associate feels the welcome for Jews is running out, and he is moving to Israel with his wife and two children in May. He says he knows at least 15 other Jews who are leaving for a similar reason.

That reason, he says, is a rise in hate crimes against Jews in Malmo, and a sense that local authorities have little desire to deal with a problem that has exposed a crack in Sweden’s image as a bastion of tolerance and a haven for distressed ethnic groups.


Anti-Semitic crimes in Europe have usually been associated with the far right, but Shneur Kesselman, an Orthodox rabbi, says the threat now comes from Muslims.

“In the past five years I’ve been here, I think you can count on your hand how many incidents there have been from the extreme right,” he said. “In my personal experience, it’s 99 percent Muslims.”

Sweden prides itself on having taken in tens of thousands of the world’s war refugees. About 7 percent of Malmo’s 285,000 people were born in the Middle East, according to city statistics, and the city has large numbers from the Balkans, including the Macedonian who heads the city’s largest mosque. After the Holocaust, it took in many Jews who survived the World War II Nazi genocide.

Malmo police say that of 115 hate crimes reported in 2009, 52 were anti-Semitic. Bejzat Becirov, the mosque head, estimated there are about 60,000 Muslims in Malmo. But the number of Jews is about 700 and shrinking – it was twice as big two decades ago, according to Fredrik Sieradzki, a spokesman for the Jewish community. […]

The city recently appointed an anti-hate-crimes coordinator, Bjorn Lagerback, who said Mr. Reepalu has sent a letter to the city’s 20,000 employees denouncing all attacks against minorities in Malmo, though without specifically mentioning Jews.

The coordinator’s priority seems to be downplaying the severity of the situation and drawing false equivalences with hate crimes and violent intimidation:

Asked whether Jews were particularly targeted by hate crimes in Malmo, Mr. Lagerback said anti-Semitism had become “more explicit.” He added that “we also have discrimination against women who wear a hijab. They are also exposed tovarious kinds of insults.”

And no time is ever a bad time to sidestep the issue by playing the victim card:

Mosque leader Mr. Becirov spoke similarly, saying he feels “great sympathy for the Jewish community” and knows what it’s going through because “the Muslim community, too, is exposed to Islamophobia.”…

5 thoughts on “Mosque rat in Malmo feels "great sympathy for the Jewish community" and knows what it's going through because "the Muslim community, too, is exposed to Islamophobia."…”

  1. “Sweden: Ongoing wave of hate crimes by Muslims forcing Jews out of Malmo”
    This should be re-titled “Nazism…the Rise of the Fourth Reich”

    Islamophobe? Islamophobe? Who has the phobia here?
    The nerve of these politically incorrect people!
    It seems to me that “the shoe should be placed upon the other foot”, in other words… Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, B’Hai’s are being discriminated against by Islamic “Christian-phobes”, “Judeo-phobes”, “Buddha-phobes”, “Hindu-phobes”, “B’hai-phobes” and we “Infidels”should be taking legal action against this Xenophobic behavior.
    When are we going to make it stop?
    I am sick and tired of being called an “infidel Christian dog” or “Christian rat” and I am sure that Jews are tired of being called “monkeys and pigs”.

    xen·o·phobe (zen’?-fob’, ze’n?-) n. A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples. xen’o·pho’bi·a n., xen’o·pho’bic adj.

    We are foreigners in our own countries!
    Islamic attitude is vitriolic and xenophobic towards peoples of all other religions, cultures, laws and customs except their own.

    Look at how Muslims they treat Christians, Jews, or any other religion in their own countries.
    Look at how they treat women?
    We dare not practise our own religious beliefs in an Islamic country. Your bible is confiscated as soon as you get off the plane in Saudi Arabia.

    Their resentment of our western ways is already set up and in motion for conflict.
    Muslims immigrate to our country with an already implanted phobia, fearful that they will be converted to Christianity, Judaism, or our laws and customs. Their solution…we must change our religions, our laws and our customs for them.
    So, why do they come here in the first place?
    Are they being persecuted for practising Islam in the counrty they came from? I wouldn’t think so.
    Is it to make a better life for themselves and contribute to our society?
    Is it to merely taunt us? Terrorize us?

    Why are they so fearful of Christians, Jews, or any other religion or custom?
    What internal mental aberration drives them to be so hateful of Jews, Christians or other great religions of the world?
    Why do they desecrate religious edifices world-wide?
    What is their fear of assimilating into our society?
    Are we so evil?
    When we are cut…do we not bleed the same color blood? (courtesy Bill Shakespeare)
    Is a Jew or a Christian that much different in color, race, heritage?

    Lawsuit Against Islam and the Koranic Verses that create Zenophobic Behavior in the Practitioners

    I resent this Islamic Zenophobia towards peoples of other faiths and cultures and ask that we look into legal counsel for a lawsuit against the Islamic Ideology and the teachings of the Koran for allowing this to happen in our own freedom-loving countries. If nothing can be done to curb this form of behavior then I would ask that the Koran be banned in our countries, if the Koran is the root of this xenophobic behavior.
    Zenophobic Islamic people have no right to impose their ideology upon us.
    We have all had quite enough.
    It has to stop before the whole world is annihilated due to this ridiculous “fear of what is not Islamic”.

  2. If you think this is an onslaught, read this news item below fresh off the Fox News site:

    College Students Want ‘Our Lord’ Phrase Off Diplomas

    A group of students at Trinity University in Texas wants the Christian-rooted school to remove the words “Our Lord” from their diplomas, the Houston Chronicle reported.

    “A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes,” Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection, told the Chronicle. “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,’ it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.”

    Qureshi, a Muslim student at the school, is leading the campaign to remove the words. The Board of Trustees is expected to vote on the matter during a meeting next month.

    The school’s student government association and a commencement committee already has thrown their support behind the proposal. But not everyone supports changing the diplomas.

    “Any cultural reference, even if it is religious, our first instinct should not be to remove it, but to accept it and tolerate it,” said Brendan McNamara, president of the College Republicans. “Once you remove that phrase, where do you draw the line?”

    The school was founded by Presbyterians in 1869 and has been governed by an independent board of trustees since 1969.

  3. Isn’t it time for muslims to be thrown out of every western country? How long do the citizens of these countries have to put up with insane politicians who are more concerned about political correctness than the fears of the people who they are suppossed to represent. I for one, would have no hesitation in getting the army to turf these sods out of our country. These bloody lecherous, blood sucking parasites live off our system and demand that their way of life should be recognized and respected. The easiest and cheapest way out is a bullet. Wherever these scumbags go, they use intimidation. Why are the Jews always their targets and why aren’t governments doing anything to right the injustice? Have governments become gutless or are they following the example of the black muslim panther in the white house?

  4. Long long ago the Swedes thought that they were doing the world a favour by taking in ‘Refugees’ all and sundry and trying to prove how Holistic they were. Now they are bearing the brunt of the problem and mainly from the Muslims who just cannot be thought to think act and behave in any other way except by their entrenched anti social and fanatic stupid out of date conduct and behaviour. The Swedes have ONLY one choice. Get rid of them before they explode like mice and occupy the whole country and stary amputating your hands and legs and stoning your women to death. May the Good Lord in ann all His Glory and Majesty have compassion for the Swedes in their hour of helplessness.

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