Mossad Steals Passports From German Passport Office, Outrage!

Errr, not:  the Turkish Secret Service stole the passports. No outrage.

But why then would David Miliband, commonly know as Britain’s dumbest Jew,  blame the Jews and expel Israeli embassy personnel?

Turkish Spooks Burgle Berlin Passport Office

by Baron Bodissey/GoV

JLH has translated an article about Turkish espionage against German government offices in Berlin for the purpose of stealing official travel documents and related materials that can be used to bring foreigners into the country illegally. The translator includes this note:

The article makes an interesting companion to the earlier piece “Opening the Floodgates” about Turkey demanding visa-free passage to the EU and at the same time opening its own borders to visa-free passage from Arabic countries like Syria and Lebanon.

It becomes even more significant when we recall the speech Erdogan made a while ago to a group of Turks in Germany. Paraphrased, he said: “Do not integrate. Form your own country; just don’t call it that.” And it becomes positively ominous when you consider that high-ranking members of the Turkish military — long seen as the stabilizing, secular force in the country — have recently been picked off in one way or another.

It seems to me that this Islamist government is hell-bent on finally interring Ataturk and the principles that have made Turkey a staunch Western ally. This Islamist regime is a stake pointed at the heart of Europe and in particular at the heart of Germany’s ethnic identity. It is time for the “Gutmenschen” to put aside their guilt for the long delay in allowing Turks to attain citizenship, and examine the present situation through clear eyes.

Translated from FOCUS,, March 3, 2010:

Turkish Secret Service Involved in Series of Break-Ins At Berlin Agencies

Munich — The Turkish secret service, MTI, was apparently involved in three spectacular break-ins of Berlin public agencies in July, 2009. Newsmagazine FOCUS reports on the basis of revelations by the public prosecutor’s office. At the end of February, according to FOCUS, authorities brought charges against a suspected perpetrator under file number 68 JS 57/10. At the beginning of July, burglars had stolen over 5,000 travel documents from the foreign nationals authority and two civil registration offices. Among them were blank specimens of temporary passports, visas, residence and settlement permits as well as official seals and stamps.
– – – – – – – – –
According to FOCUS, investigators are proceeding on the assumption that the documents are intended, among other purposes, for so-called “sleepers” residing in the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq. According to FOCUS, state criminal investigative authorities had already received corresponding information from an anonymous informant who revealed that he was an accomplice. He also reported that the Turkish-Kurdish group had been infiltrated by the Turkish Secret Service. Consequently the prosecutor called in the federal criminal investigation service.

According to FOCUS, the 30 year-old Turkish-born Berliner, Ferdi K. is charged with handing over a portion of the stolen documents to a middleman for about €1.25 million. Approximately eighty of the stolen documents have been identified in international tourism in ten European countries since January. In a quarter of the cases, the travelers came from Istanbul.

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