Multicultural Enrichment DownUnder

Andrew Bolt

“Dark complexioned” rapist must not be called “black” or “African”. The police would rather let a potential rapist escape than trust you with his description.

Meet the new Australians: A Brisbane businessman has backed claims some Sudanese refugees are having trouble integrating/Flashback

Our very secretive police is also covering up a serious problem of ethnic crime, and is twisting what should be a discussion of our immigration policies and resettlement services into a self-flagellating and damaging discussion of how racist we are.

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In other news:

Who let them in?

A witness who did not want to be identified described how at least 10 young men, of Sudanese appearance, stalked the streets for more than 20 minutes apparently hunting members of a Maori gang.

7 thoughts on “Multicultural Enrichment DownUnder”

  1. * Detective Sgt Dennis Harnetty said he did not believe the brawl was gang-related.

    These diversity events never are ‘gang related” according to VicPol, because there are no african gangs – they are just very sociable & like hanging around in large groups.

    Of course, it is VicPol that is “racist” towards africans, and must deal with “racists” in its ranks …

    Police must deal with racists in the ranks
    March 19, 2010

    [The Legal Services Board’s report, on police treatment of young Africans in Flemington, Greater Dandenong and Braybrook, includes accusations of racist behaviour ranging from the use of taunts such as ”monkey” and ”black c—” to the abuse of stop-and-search powers. It portrays a community whose young people perceive themselves to be singled out as targets for harassment by police, and who say that any complaint they make about police conduct only invites retribution.]

    Fawn dhimmies, fawn!

  2. Muslims have not integrated into Australia – get rid of them. Just saw a film of the real muslims – a group of fat overweight pigs threatening a Japanese student with a knife. Real men these arab muslim pigs!!! Deport them. Note to Victorian police – if you cannot protect the real Australians against these muslim scum then you are irrelevant and the citizens can take up their own defence. Another note to VicPol – you dont solve a problem by renaming it!!

  3. From Bolt’s comments: “… My brother who is a policeman in the UK recently told me that he is no longer allowed to order a black coffee at the work canteen but instead must order a coffee with no milk in order to be PC. …”

    I wonder if he can get a pork pie to eat with his un-milked coffee?

  4. The problem are not folks with black skin – most couldn’t care a hoot (after all they do have black skin and are living quite happily with the fact) – the problem is the far left wing liberal morons who are foisting this C___ onto the rest of us.

  5. ““We certainly from an intelligence point of view look at that data and when we pick up trends or issues we certainly act on that … but I’m not sure it’s appropriate to be putting that sort of information out.” ”
    Its not you bloody job to determine what is or is not appropriate your not smart enough to make decisions bar far! Your job you degenerate bludger is to keep violent bloody jigaboos from sticking their diseased dicks forcibly into Australian girls and we dont care whos feelings you hurt to do Just bloody do it!. If this task is beyond you then take out you glock put it to your head and do our future a favor !


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