Muselmama sez Sharif was "a good Muslim and he's absolutely not a terrorist…"

Sure not. I guess we’ll just have to take her word for it.

His mother says he is a “good Muslim.” Just like in my song ‘Never do a thing like that’- scroll down a bit…

She said it. “NJ Terror Suspect Worked at Nuclear Power Plants,” by Vince Lattanzio for NBC Philadelphia, March 11 (thanks to JW): continued below…

So if Sharif was a good Muslim and not a terrorist, what about this guy:

U.K.: British Airways employee charged with “preparation of terrorist acts and fundraising for the purpose of terrorism”

Rajib Karim is accused of preparing an act of terrorism or assisting another person to commit an act of terrorism

An IT developer — another case of someone being educated and gainfully employed, but who still managed to “misunderstand” Islam. An update on this story. “British Airways employee faces terrorism charges,” from CNN, March 11, via JW: could he be an Islamic terrorist? Why am I so  confused?

The South Jersey man who Yemini officials are calling a terrorist with links to al-Qaeda previously worked at three local nuclear power plants.Sharif Mobley, 26, is being held in a jail in Yemen after he allegedly killed a police guard and seriously injured another during a shootout at a hospital on Monday.

* What was that song again? “Sharif don’t like it, Sharif don’t like it…..”

The Buena, N.J. native has also been accused of taking part in several acts of terrorism, Yemini officials say. He also purportedly has ties to the same branch of al-Qaeda who are suspected of attempting to blow up a U.S. airliner on its way to Detroit on Christmas.

As details of Mobley’s arrest trickle back to the U.S., more people who knew him are coming forward.

Former high school classmate Roman Castro says Mobley was always fiercely religious and tried to convert high school friends to Islam.

Castro says he ran into Mobley during an Army tour in Iraq around four years ago. The two had a short exchange, with Mobley telling him to “Get the hell away from me, you Muslim killer,” according to Castro.

A former neighbor said Mobley moved to Yemen two years ago to study Islam.

Mobley, who was born in the U.S., also worked as a laborer at three Salem County nuclear power plants, power company officials say.

Working for several contractors, Mobley carried supplies and did maintenance work at the plants on Artificial Island in Lower Alloways Creek from 2002 to 2008, PSE&G spokesperson Joe Delmar said.

Mobley also worked at other plants in the area, Delmar said.

Speaking to NBC Philadelphia Wednesday, Mobley’s mother denied claims her son was a terrorist. She called Sharif a “good Muslim” and said he’s “absolutely not a terrorist.”…

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  1. * U.K.: British Airways employee charged with “preparation of terrorist acts …

    If he had breached a company policy, like worn a crucifix, they would have sacked him.

  2. It’s a lot easier to blow up a nuclear plant by getting a job in it than having to stuff around with stolen army RPGs…

  3. Airports around the world: (Well, I shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” -Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, being the only country except China I’ve been in the last year) most of the security personnel (you know, the people checking to see if you’re carrying any particular bombs) are people with a distinct, oh, how can I put it …
    “middle Eastern appearance”!!!!

    Muslims don’t get on planes anymore because they object to being searched. All good. So, how about the next step: Not allowing muslims to work at or near any airports at all?
    That’s right. Those jobs so dear to them: Baggage handling, plane maintenance, checking my shoes and handbag, how about taking them away from what must be such a temptation, altogether?
    The uproar would be such a small thing compared to how few planes would then be blown up.

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