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Bergen/Norway: Students want prayer room

(Yawn… when will Muslims offer prayer rooms to minorities in Islamic countries…?)

“We want a quiet room, where people can come and concentrate on praying,” Issam Bouiri, coordinator of the Muslim Student Society (MSS) in Bergen, told university paper Studvest.

London: Students turn to embassies to lobby for prayer room

We have ways to make you submit: “we need to take further steps if the university do not feel it is necessary to provide for the needs of the Muslims.”

Germany: International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Islamization Watch

There are no churches in Arabia ~ but it is ‘Islamophic’ and ‘xenophobic’ not to build one of their Wahabi funded mosques here in the west.. Read more…

Construction of Two Churches Stopped in Indonesia

The building permit was posted in plain view, but the Islamic protestors said they felt that not all citizens had agreed to allow the building. (building permit? That’s unusual… according to the pact of Umar unbelievers are not allowed to erect new churches or repair existing ones/ed) Read more…IW

Germany: Economic Safety Net Keeps Muslims Safe & Comfy

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Researchers have not seen a correlation between economic woes and Islamophobia.“The economic crisis hit the immigrant population, many of them Muslims, harder than it did the majority population,” the report said.

Werner Schiffauer, professor of social and cultural anthropology specializing in Muslim populations in Europe at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt an der Oder. “As they are dependent on welfare benefits, there was the accusation of blaming them, in a way, that Islam is responsible for a lax working morale.”

Its not the “lax working morale” that irks Germans. Its that Muslims take the benefits of the welfare state for granted and refuse to contribute in any way to it, which is far more irksome. Islam in Europe

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  1. Well, to be fair, muslims should also have seperate TOILETS which can double up as their prayer room. They can sit in isolation and solitude, shitting and praying to the devil, their unholy master and if they’re not done with that, they can ‘Suck it.’

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