Muslim Marriage, Muslim Heartbreak…

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Devout Muslim Woman: I was hoodwinked into marrying gay man who needed green card

SHAMED: Samina Khan (left) got her loveless marriage to Farrukh Khan (right) annulled after she said she found him fooling around with a man.

It was a match made in speed-dating hell.  NYP

A Long Island woman claims she was hoodwinked into marrying a Pakistani immigrant — who tricked her into thinking he was a wealthy computer whiz who shared her devout Muslim faith, when he was actually using her to get a green card while canoodling with another man, court documents allege.

Samina Khan, 31, a New Hyde Park pharmacist, said her world came crashing down last year when she learned her husband, Farrukh Khan, had been married before and spotted him making out with another man in her car, according to a judge’s ruling granting her an annulment.
She told The Post yesterday that the smooch, which her husband denied, was the proof she needed to convince her that her marriage was a loveless, sexless sham.

“Once I saw him in the car, that’s when I had enough,” said Samina, who was represented by the law firm of Dominic Barbara. “I left that day.”
Samina met Farrukh, 35, two years ago at a singles event for professional Muslims.
She later spotted Farrukh’s profile on a Muslim dating site — where he said he was a “network engineer” and a restaurant partner earning more than $100,000 a year — and hit it off with him after they went on a speed date arranged by the service.
After a quick courtship, the couple tied the knot in June 2008. They even pushed up the date so Farrukh could visit his ailing father in Pakistan. The marriage allowed him to return to the United States.
“Clearly, he just did this for a green card,” Samina said. “The day after the [marriage] paperwork was in, he just ignored me.”
For weeks, Samina said, she ignored the obvious signs, including their bizarre living arrangement. Samina moved with Farrukh into a one-family house in Westbury he was sharing with his friend, the friend’s wife and their son.
Samina said she drove the men every morning to the train station and they would return very late at night. She also said that Farrukh and his friend shared clothes and cash and bought groceries together.
All the while, over the course of seven months, the marriage was never consummated.
“It was completely miserable,” Samina said.
She learned that Farrukh had been married twice before and engaged four times, according to the documents.
She also learned he was no computer whiz, but a part owner in a small Brooklyn restaurant.
During the course of their marriage, he contributed only $4,000 to their savings account, while Samina paid for everything else, including the wedding for 500 guests and Farrukh’s trips to Pakistan.
Farrukh denied the marriage was a sham.
“The allegations are totally incorrect,” Farrukh said. “I was married once before. I didn’t lie. She knew it.”

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  1. Single muslim to find marriage in any western country is difficult. Personally my self as a young muslim have struggled…. even with my handsome looks 😉 I think people have resulted to trying different techniques to come across other muslims. There are social groups and I even tried online marriage websites… last one i tired was free shaadi which was okay. Nice thing about islam as well is you do have family introductions which a few of my friends have benefited from. Who knows what the future holds. Allah kareem.

  2. * Who knows what the future holds.

    We may not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future, and it is not allah.

  3. Adnan, allah is NOT kareem. You ought to know that by now. Just look around you. Revisit your country (probably Iraq) in your mind and ask why you had left it to start with.

    The bit about “introductions” is NOT specific to your own religion – stop playing this game of portraying your cult as though it were an ideal for the world to follow. It’s a 1400 year-old lie with a shameful track record to go along with it. It has failed its adherents over and over again – yet very few have had the courage to leave it, having been brainwashed and rendered helpless by the fear-of-repercussion factor.

    You now have the opportunity of a lifetime. You live in a country where no harm will be inflicted upon you should you question the validity of your belief system. This is your chance to seek the TRUTH, to investigate that which had been around 600 years prior to your cult’s appearnce on the scene. Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free. Read the Bible.

  4. I agree with “nolaughingmatter” Adnan. You now have the chance to open your mind, and forfill your full potential – not as a mindless slave to islam, but as a real person. Welcome to the real world – not the cesspit of islam.

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