My KRuddness! Even the UN thinks KRudd is a wuss!

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Boats, boats and bigger boats

A BOAT containing 94 asylum-seekers, the largest shipload since February 1, has been intercepted by Border Protection Command off Ashmore Reef.

“Intercepted” is KRuddspeak for  “welcome to Mohammedan welfare chasers…..”

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Rudd too weak on boat people even for the UN

Andrew Bolt

When even the UN tells Rudd his weakness lures boat people, you know Rudd sure is weak:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees representatives met in Colombo last month to discuss the effect of the decision to strike a deal with 78 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers rescued from a floundering vessel last October and taken to Indonesia by the Australian Customs boat Oceanic Viking.

The government agreed to rapidly resettle all those on board deemed to be refugees, following a month-long standoff during which the asylum-seekers refused to leave the boat….

A high-ranking official aware of the February UNHCR meeting told The Australian yesterday the organisation had reviewed the decision in light of concerns over possible pull factors that might encourage further unregulated migration to Australia…

“(It was decided) it was a bad practice. There are Sri Lankan refugees who have been sitting in Indonesia for some time.

“When you’re faced with an emergency and have people demanding resettlement, the (UNHCR’s) position is you should not give in to that because it does give an incentive for people to try this irregular movement.”

“Irregular movement?”

Illegal welfare seekers are more regular than KRudd’s bowel movements. Gimme a break!

The news comes after two further boats were intercepted on Tuesday…

“Intercepted” is KRudd-speak for welcoming  Mohammedan welfare chasers….

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  1. Rudd is an embarrassment to the country and the sooner we get rid of him, the better for everyone concerned. The man is as weak as piss and is nothing more than a spin doctor. He is all spin and no substance.

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