New Rules of Engagement

Shem’s latest cartoon:

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Hot Air/ Obama’s rules of engagement:

Calling lawyers for permission to kill Islamic terrorists

An excellent Wall Street Journal article highlights the infuriating rules of engagement that we are operating under in Afghanistan…

Ralph Peters: you can’t win hearts, minds of radical Islam – New York Post/trouble is, there is only “radical Islam”, no other version exists….

In other news:


As of February 18, 4,379 US soldiers have been killed in the conflict, and 31,669 have been seriously wounded.

The U.S. invasion produced another unexpected result: the expulsion of over 600,000 Christians from the country where they were protected by Hussein, and ethnic cleansing which has resulted in the slaughter of 2,000 more Christians.


The cost of the U.S. establishment of an Islamic regime in Iraq is expected to exceed $900 billion by September.  From the Last Crusade/Dr Paul Williams

Gordon Remembers the Troops

Just in time for the elections…

British PM pledges vehicles to battle Afghan bombs

KABUL – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised British troops 200 new patrol vehicles that can resist roadside bombs more effectively during an unannounced visit Saturday to southern Afghanistan. More>>

5 thoughts on “New Rules of Engagement”

  1. This is the insanity of America! When Saddam was in power, he could be bought – he was not a believer in the Satanic death cult Islam anyway, and Christians were protected!!
    But most importantly, Iran was ?hit-scared of Saddam!!
    And now Israel is under the greatest threat in it’s 61-year history, not just by the Islamic terror-states, but by the Terrorist Jihadist “In Chief” in the White House.
    This madness surely cannot go on much longer – Obama needs assassinating and NOW. And preferably with Reid, Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel in the same car when the bomb goes off!!
    Then let’s get Sarah Palin in to the Presidency and see some God-Fearing sanity return!!

  2. One of the surest ways to minimise civilian casualties is for our troops to take action if their are children and women protecting the enemy. The enemy will soon realize that hiding behind children is a bad idea. Besides, the parents of the children will not be so enthusiastic to lend their children, if they knew what the consequences are likely to be. Such a policy will minimise civilian casualties.

    War is tough, and the enemy have to be made to realise that it is they who bear the responsibility of ensuring their children’s safety.

  3. Sarah Palin.? God Fearing? What the heck, do you want to go back to Mid Evil times too? Burning people at the stake. Wiches being burned? etc. etc.
    Christian Bible has plenty of evil things in their too. Lets people stay in modern times that we know better through science.
    If Islam wants to stay in Mid Evil times so be it but let us move forwards please.

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