Nutbag Watch: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown & the whispering Muslim millionaires

For much of their history, the British were leaders, not followers. Britain was a model to be respected and imitated by all who loved liberty. That is no longer true. Listen to the writer Wole Soyinka — the grand old man of African literature, the first to win a Nobel Prize, and a man who has been imprisoned by dictators in his native Nigeria. Soyinka recently declared: “England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground for fundamentalist Muslims.” Note the definite article in “the breeding ground”: a great writer does not use words imprecisely.

Very true. Those who don’t take a stand  to defend their civilization, culture & society  fall for anything.

Adding her droppings to the cesspit, here is  Yasmin Alibhai-Brown:

Better under a burqa…..

From Harry’s Place: Yeah, Right Yasmin

Sometimes you wonder whether education is any use at all when it comes to  females who worship the pedophile profit from the 7th century:

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is clearly unhappy about the heavy sentences handed down to the Starbucks-trashers last week. Very unhappy indeed. Almost frothing you might say.

Wind her up. Here she goes:

Even I, can see that for the British establishment Muslims are contemptible creatures, devalued humans. As I prayed before starting this column I felt tears stinging my eyes and my face was burning as if I had been slapped many times over. Do they expect me to turn the other cheek? Millions of other Muslims must have felt what I did. And some may well go on to do things they shouldn’t. Their acts will intensify anti-Muslim prejudices and will be used to justify injustice. The cycle is vicious and unrelenting.

Once again at weddings and birthday parties, in quiet, tranquil mosques, at dinner tables across the land, including those of millionaire Muslims, I am hearing murmurs of trepidation and disquiet – voices kept low, sometimes vanishing into whispers, just in case; you never know if they will break down the door. These people are, like myself, well incorporated into the nation’s busy life. Some own restaurants and businesses, others work in the City or law firms and chambers.

Read it all.

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One thought on “Nutbag Watch: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown & the whispering Muslim millionaires”

  1. * Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is clearly unhappy …

    [And then the crypto-fascist, Aryan Geert Wilders, is invited into the Lords by UKIP and crossbench peers to show his vile anti-Islam film in the name of freedom of expression. ]

    I have a copy of Mo’s vile, blasphemous book, calling for my beheading and dismemberment, denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and denying His crucifixion … muslims will really have something to whinge about by the time this over, unless they change their minds and seek the truth. I wouldn’t want any of them to end up with allah and its false prophet, bubbling away for eternity in the muslim “paradise”.

    This is a war, and one that islam and its 1.x billion followers will lose.

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