Obama refuses public photo ops with Netanyahu

The ultimate insult.

The bastard son of a Gramscian whore and a Kenyan Muslim bows to Arabs, despots and criminal crackpots like Hugo Chavez, but he can’t be seen with the president of our only ally in the ME.

Here’s Atlas:

Racist Obama will Not Be Photographed with Jewish Prime Minister of Israel

Y Net confirms:

Just like his last visit to Washington, the meeting at the White House did not include photo opportunities or a press briefing following the session. The White House had no immediate comment on what was discussed by the two leaders in the Oval Office.

Pic & link  thanks to Weasel Zippers

Obama Refuses to Allow Any Photos of Him With PM Netanyahu…

The Politico has more.

Back in November Obama also refused public photo ops with Netanyahu.

4 thoughts on “Obama refuses public photo ops with Netanyahu”

  1. Too bad the press didn’t get any photos of him leaving the WH by the service entrance, with a nice shot of the garbage bags.

    This boy-president is tone deaf. He understands only one political song: The Chicago Machine, We Play Mean.

    The WH is just a school yard full of bullies.

  2. he is showing the real face of his , cant wait for his 4 years to come up and send him back to chicago for good.

  3. What a relief it must have been for Prime Minister Netanyahu. He can rest easy knowing that he was not embarrassed into having his picture taken with a frikken arsehole. I certainly wouldn’t want to have my picture taken anywhere near that hypocritic buffoon.

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