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Hundreds of Israelis Protest “Obama Infitada” in Gush Etzion

“Obama is an enemy of the state of Israel… The American people are on our side. They oppose what Obama is doing… We are telling the Prime Minister to ‘Crush the Obama Infitada.’”

“I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to take a tough vote.”

President Obama to House Democrats, today

Tom Elia reminds us,

Barack Obama voted ‘present’ 129 times when he was in the Illinois State Senate /Ace of Spades

“This is what African-Americans want,”

“It took eight years to get into this mess, so it’s going to take time to get us out,” she said. “I voted for him, and I’ll do it again.”   From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com

Latino religious leader Rodriguez courts the left, right for immigration reform Shamnesty

“If not the Obama administration, with a Democratic Congress, then who?” Rodriguez asked. “If not now — then when?”   Shamnesty, what else? WaPo

On the Eve of the Greatest Rout of the Constitution in US History

Atlas Shrugs: CODE RED RALLY …We the People ….: “Mr Obama, Tear Up This Bill”

Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps By Tea Party Protesters… VIDEO PROOF/Gateway Pundit

US BISHOPS: Do Not Pass Pro-Abortion Democratic Health Care Bill

Muslim Brothers:

Obambi’s brother in hate: Keith Ellison

Challenger Keith Eillison unavailable for debate  with Daniel Pipes:

After  lying his ass off in this interview here, Ellison declares that Daniel Pipes is in need of being talked to. Daniel Pipes is happy to oblige:

Okay, no “personal ad hominem attacks against” me – but I am paranoid, conspiratorial, not serious yet seriously incorrect, not accurate, and in need of being talked to by Keith Ellison. In response, I wrote him on January 13, 2010, both at his Washington office and via Tikkun‘s editor:

Dear Mr. Ellison:

I read with interest the interview you gave Tikkun, where you said about me: “Daniel Pipes’s point of view is simply not accurate. . . . I wouldn’t mind talking to the man one day because anybody so seriously incorrect really needs some time and attention with people who can help him develop a greater level of understanding.

I appreciate that you “wouldn’t mind talking” to me and in like spirit, I invite you to a public debate on a topic such as “Islam and the United States.”

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Pipes

After getting no response, I sent the letter again on January 29, this time also to the district office. Still no reply. An effort via Facebook likewise failed.


(1) Maybe Mr. Ellison made himself scarce because someone tipped him off to my debate with Ken Livingstone?

(2) I again invite Mr. Ellison to a debate.

(3) That debate should be clarifying and useful both for ourselves and for our audience.

Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (left) with Hussein Obama, Muslim POTUS