Obowma Bows To Turkey

Hitlers willing Turkish executioners:

The Turban and the Swastika: The Muslims and the Nazis/Pamela, Atlas Shrugs

“Turks find it very offensive to be equated with Nazis.”

From Islamization Watch

Obama kowtows to Turks, moves to block Congressional discussion of Armenian genocide

Lest the truth irk the Turks, Barack Obama rushed to the aid of the Islamic supremacists who deny the Armenian genocide. “Turkey: Armenians; US Gov’t Calls For Blocking Resolution,” from ANSAmed, March 4 (thanks to JW):

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MARCH 4 – A few minutes from the beginning of the debate at the Foreign Commission of the American Congress, over the resolution regarding the genocide of the Armenians during the Ottoman empire, the U.S. administration advised the Commission to block the discussion, reports CNN Turk. (ANSAmed).

Pamela rips him a new one:

ISLAMIC EMPIRE GUILTY! House Panel Calls Armenian Genocide a Genocide — 100 years late

Another stunning Obama rebuke. Armenian American groups have sought congressional affirmation of the  murder of just under two million Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire as genocide for decades.

The Islamic supremacists haven’t infiltrated as deeply as they thought. “Turkey, a key Muslim ally of the United States, angrily withdrew its U.S. ambassador Thursday after a congressional committee approved a resolution branding the World War I-era killing of Armenians a genocide.”

Turkey threatens …………What? Another genocide? I guess as long as Turkey was pretending to be secular, we pretended it wasn’t genocide. But now that Turkey has returned to the dark side, we don’t have to lie for jihadis anymore.

The Nazis were inspired by the Armenian genocide. It was a genocide, and the covering up of Islamic genocides must end.  Read it all>>

4 thoughts on “Obowma Bows To Turkey”

  1. “The 23-22 vote sends the measure to the full House, where prospects for passage are uncertain.”

    the muslims pulled the embassador in an attempt to try to influence our Congress.

  2. “ISLAM comes from the Arabic word Salaam meaning peace but for Sydney’s Lebanese Muslims the past few years have been anything but peaceful. (No Islam doesn’t mean “peace”. Islam means ’submission’ under the ‘laws of allah/ed)”

    Right on.

    All the more reason, why this “Submit” button ought to be changed :)!

  3. What thoughts passed through the minds of these children as they were pressed for their lives?!

    How utterly sad that no one chose to care !

  4. I once read a very interesting book about Armenian Christians in the Us..It told their story of how they came to the US……….In about 1913 holy spirit type Christians came from Russia , maybe Ukraine..and warned the Armenians about what was to happen so some of them left and got to the US where they set up their churches and communities..The really interesting thing was that the Russians had the gift of Prophecy..the wrote a prophecy and sealed it in a scroll. This scroll was taken to the US with them..It is supposed to be opened at a certain time..so I am still wondering..has the scroll been opened?
    What did it contain?

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