Ottawa: Ann Coulter Cancelled After 'Camel' Remark…

Free Speech in Canuckistan Derailment Watch

“We cannot guarantee your safety…”


“It would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event,” said conservative political activist Ezra Levant inside the hall. MSNBC

Atlas Shrugs presents:

Protesters against Ann Coulter outside Marion Hall after they managed to have the planned speech at the University of Ottawa canceled due to security concerns. Photograph by: Wayne Cuddington, Ottawa Citizen

Coulter’s Ottawa speech cancelled over ‘public safety’ fears

Note the wankers with keffieh’s in the back….

These same savages welcome the most hate speech sponsors with open arms and open legs, but truth is verboten.

Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down… 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks — pulled fire alarm in building. Cops shut it down! Blogs calling for Coulter to be hurt. MPs were banned from going, Coulter denounced by an MP in the Parliament.

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The University of Ottawa cancelled a speech by U.S. firebrand conservative Ann Coulter late Tuesday, just moments before its scheduled start, because organizers feared protesters would turn violent. Coulter: “I’m pretty sure little Francois A-Houle (A-Houle of the year…) does not need to travel with a bodyguard,” she said. “I would like to know when this sort of violence, this sort of protest, has been inflicted upon a Muslim — who appear to be, from what I’ve read of the human rights complaints, the only protected group in Canada. I think I’ll give my speech tomorrow night in a burka. That will protect me.” …

(more here)

They welcome Israel Apartheid Week and its accompanying violence. They welcome Robert Fisk. They welcome George Galloway, today’s Oswald Mosley….no protest except when he was barred from Canada by the Feds for supporting Hamas…..he is a hero of free speech……

They embrace inciter to genocide, George Galloway.

They  employ a Muslim terrorist wanted in France for blowing up a synagogue.

And lick the shoes of anti-Semites. They welcomed Jew-hating superhero Robert Fisk and the Student Union wasn’t really screaming ..

There’s more, much more

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  1. —– Original Message —–
    From: Mark Kelley
    Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:56 AM
    Subject: Re: Last Night

    Hi Craig…there was some confusion on our end that you were one of the organizers bringing Ann Coulter to Calgary…but that was our error…which you immediately rectified in before you spoke about anything else. If this has caused any confusion or concern, I apologize for that, and thank you for speaking to us about your support for Ms. Coulter’s right to free speech in this country. It was an enlightening, and timely interview.

    Thanks Craig,

    Mark Kelley
    Host- Connect with Mark Kelley
    CBC News Network

  2. After reading the “Join the Discussion” terms of use, I am very worried about agreeing or disagreeing with anything here. If I say I am on Ann Coulter’s side, will I be disappeared? Will I find my cat nailed to my garage door? If so, I totally agree with the treatment of Ann Coulter by the Islamo-fascists at the U of O.

    Free Speech in Canada is totally protected, as long as you don’t actually have an opinion that some rascist Liberal asshole might disagree with.

    Should I provide my mailing address so I can receive my 10 Islamo dollars? Can I get a barrel of oil instead?

    Stan Pioro
    Candidate for Mayor Of Ottawa
    City Of Ottawa
    October 25, 2010

  3. I reckon, when protestors gathered with sticks and stones, it was the perfect opportunity for the police to shoot and kill unwanted muslim terrorists. Ann Coulter is an American of distinction and if she is being threatened in her own country by misfits in our human society, then, it is up to the police and army to shoot the scum. It’s time the world got rid of scum and the only way to do this, is shoot to kill.

  4. As a Canadian, I’m embarrased. I’m probably going to check her speech out in Calgary tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t get ridiculous with Mohammedans and other idiotic protestors.

  5. Ottawa: Ann Coulter Cancelled After ‘Camel’ Remark…
    by sheikyermami on March 24, 2010

    Free Speech in Canuckistan Derailment Watch
    “We cannot guarantee your safety…”

    “Ayatollah Assahola March 25, 2010 at 2:19 am

    …”I’m probably going to check her speech out in Calgary tomorrow…”


  6. Self absorbed hate and racist inciting embarrasment to every good american. Enamored with another fifteen minutes and will say anything to get it. She should ride her camel back to robbing Iraq… I mean america.

  7. To the twit “Ann Coultier Should Stuff it”,
    Rather than abuse the lady, please justify what you write.

  8. Kaw, nobody owes you an explanation for anything. Why do you feel so entitled?

    My question is why is Ann here?

    In Canada we have laws that others may or may not agree to. This is not our concern. What is of concern is that foreigners adhere to our laws lest they find themselves in front of a judge.

  9. Dave,
    If you make a critical comment on someone, particularly if they do not share your point of view, then you justify it properly – got it!! If you don’t, actually, then there is every danger that you will end up in front of a judge – the PC game works in two directions. I am amused to see that you have made no comment about the body of people whom behaved rather aggressively: the primary reason the talk was canceled (as far as the authorities state). I also find it amusing that the concept of free speech which I understand, and for which many people died for some years ago, has mutated to a strange form amongst some Canadians. Curiously, most of the Canadians I know (and that is more than a few) find the response of the police and the University administration very questionable. Having read through the list of groups that the University of Ottawa have hosted is somewhat like reading through a list of extreme left wing organizations and groups which actively support what is known in the rest of the world as terrorism. Perhaps Canada has a different understanding of the term “terrorist group”. And since you bring the point up, it seems that many of those who opposed Ms. Coulter’s public appearance behaved in ways that were in violation of what I understand to be Canadian criminal law – perhaps you should speak to them first? It doesn’t help being thin skinned if your country is critically appraised. If you fell the point made is invalid then justify your own point of view, and this is not what you have done. Finally, although I know little of Ms. Coulter, it seems that most of what she say is based on satire to make a point. If you think she is wrong then tell us why.

  10. To echo the circus master that visited Royston Vasey- DAVE…. YOU THERE DAVE, AWFULLY QUIET FROM YOUR HOVEL DAVE…

  11. The closet Communists control our Universities. Anyone standing against their indocrination of our youth are subject to fabricated charges and arrest. Personally, I’ve been banned from U. Vic B.C. for ten years for demanding a referenda on Native Treaties, a Democratic process. With Communist support the tribes had claimed 106 % of our provincial lands.
    Our youths who differ in their beliefs from Communism, are often swarmed if they are strong in their beliefs. Their marks are affected by Communist professors etc..
    We must stand for freedom of speech for our youth and society.

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