Iranians caught with stolen Israeli passports

Quick, call Interpol.  Red flag, red flag!    Call the UN, and the BBC, and the Australian Police, and the Dubai police. and the FBI… the CIA….

Ma’ariv reports that three Iranians were caught at an airport in Seychelles trying to use stolen Israeli passports. The Iranians were sent back on a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, from where they came.

Seychelles authorities passed the information to Israeli authorities, who found that the passports were stolen from Israelis who traveled to Thailand last year.

Israeli authorities fear that this was the precursor to a terror attack in the archipelago, which has been advertising heavily to attract Israelis on Passover vacation this year. Charter airlines now go directly to Seychelles from Israel.

Elder of Ziyon at 7:35

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  1. Lets see if this hits the MSM like the Dubai incident did. Sounds like a recce, which means these pricks are elsewhere as well.

  2. Don’t expect Mr KRudd to send special envoys of AFP to investigate this one. None of his of ‘friends’ will do it, so he won’t! Waa, waa, waa!

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