Poland: Muslim Brotherhood to construct new mega mosque in Warsaw

Polish protest Saudi financed mosque: “Today, the mosque – tomorrow the Jihad”

“We oppose a mosque built with Saudi money when it’s illegal to have a Bible or cross in Saudi Arabia,” said Rafal Zak, a 31-year-old real estate agent. + (Islamization Watch)

Smelling the coffee?  “Radical Islam, no thanks.” On posters said “Stop the Radicals” and “Political Islam is a threat to Europe.”

Another Dragon Egg for EUrabia. Earlier today we posted about Austria, here

Update 1. Stockholm: Saudi prince to finance mosque

The ‘million program’ district of Tensta, is about to have Stockholm’s largest mosques. A giant building (11,000 sqm) of Andalusian style is planned at the outskirts of the suburb, clearly visible from the E18

“There are lots of Muslims in northern Stockholm who today have to have to be content with going to associations [mosques] in cellars. We’ll build a big mosque for them with place for 3,000 visitors,” says imam Abdel Karim Laallam of the Stockholm’s Grand Mosque Foundation, which bought the land already in the 1990s.

The plans have been around for a while, but it’s only now that there’s economic possibilities – and that’s thank to oil money.

Prince Abdulazizi ben Fahd – the son of former Saudi king Fahd – will bear the full cost, estimated at 350-400 million Swedish Kroner. Islam in Europe

Update: 2

Der Spiegel smears resistance to Islamization as “right wingers”

International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Delegates from right-wing populist parties from across Europe are descending on Germany this weekend for a conference looking into the possibility of an EU-wide minaret ban. The hosts, an anti-Muslim German group, hope to use the gathering as a springboard to success in local elections. By Charles Hawley in Berlin more…

Atlas Shrugs:

Stop the Islamisation of Poland: Protest Against the Construction of Giant Muslim Brotherhood Mosque “Political Islam is threat to Europe”

The Muslim Brotherhood is expanding into Poland — home of the Jewish death camps. How fitting.

Protests were staged this Saturday against a mosque and centre of Muslim culture, mainly financed by Saudi Arabia.  This is how the devout Muslim ideology cradled and wet-nursed by the Sauds spreads its poison.

One of the protesters, a Muslim, wrote me this:

“I was the only muslim person against the construction of mosque. Indeed it was a big shock to them, as well as the supporters of mosque construction have described me as racist and fascist. Some described USA in terrorist country. There were two Arab women and an idiot Arab where they attacked me through bad words and despised me, and even that idiot Arab guy insulted me and has spat on me “Arab and muslim culture”; asked me who sent you?!

But police was around him. I was trying to be as much as possible quiet and polite, A journalist from USA did interview with me and some Polish as well. boards that I carried them did not showed by Polish media, because, maybe they described as very racist despite I was attacked by cameras a moment I showed them in the demonstration. Of course it were in attention by attendees. I asked the regulator to go together next week to meet the president of Warsaw and the Mayor in order to prevent the construction of the mosque or at least, minaret. Ditto I asked them to support Mr Wilders through writing the Dutch embassies where I will send them all address of Dutch Embassies I received from Mr Wilders. or someday we will do an demonstration near Dutch embassy in Warsaw.

Muslim Brotherhood to construct new mosque in Warsaw EuroIslam.pl by Jan WójcikOfficially it is claimed to be Muslim Cultural Center, but unofficially by opponents and supporters it is referred to as mosque because the plan includes a praying hall and even a minaret. But it is not the building itself that worries the citizens of Warsaw, but preaching that could be spread inside.

The investor of the mosque is Liga Muzulmañska w RP (Muslim League in Republic of Poland), a member of Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), which is known as umbrella organization for Muslim Brotherhood organizations across the Europe.

LM does not hide its affiliation and on its pages often quotes not only FIOE official statements but also fatwas and teachings of Jusuf Al Qaradawi, widely known Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader. Although LM tries to keep PR of moderate Muslim faction some of its leaders already exposed their views. Ali Abi Issa, head of imam council, translated and disseminated hadiths where the killing of apostates and adulterers is justified in Muslim state. Samir Ismail the head of LM wrote article about FGM where he presents Muslim jurists’ opinions justifying or allowing FGM to be in decision of parents.

A Polish group calling itself “Europe for the Future” is using the  Swiss poster against minarets to demand a halt in the construction of another new mosque in the capital of mainly Catholic Poland.

More on the protest against the enormous mosque:

Dozens of people rallied Saturday in Warsaw to protest plans by the country’s Muslim community to build a second mosque in the city.

Poland’s Muslim population, though growing, is still tiny and such protests are unusual. The event offered evidence that anxieties gripping the rest of Europe are now also taking root in this former communist country, as well.

The emotional rally drew a small group of counter-protesters. Police forming a barrier between the two sides, which had gathered at the mosque’s construction site in an outlying Warsaw neighborhood.

The anti-mosque protesters said they feared that radical Muslims would use the mosque to gain a foothold in Polish society. They were particularly disturbed by rumors that Saudi money is funding it _ a claim that could not be immediately confirmed.

“We oppose a mosque built with Saudi money when it’s illegal to have a Bible or cross in Saudi Arabia,” said Rafal Zak, a 31-year-old real estate agent.

The protesters chanted “Radical Islam, no thanks” and held up banners saying “Stop the Radicals” and “Political Islam is threat to Europe.”

Here is on the scene reporting of the protest from Jos (a former Muslim) — the English may be a bit awkward, but you’ll get the point:

Dozens of people are protesting plans by the country’s Muslim community to build a second mosque in Warsaw Ochota near the Blue City. Raised the slogan: “Tolerance is not naive,” Blind Tolerance kills common sense.”

Protest at the roundabout Siberian exiles organized by the Association of the Future of Europe “Polish group has refashioned a Swiss poster against minarets to demand a halt in the construction of a new mosque in the capital of mainly Catholic Poland” . Its chairman John Wojcik said that the organizers are demanding the signing of the Charter of the Muslim community in which he renounces it, inter alia, violence and the use of force in the name because of the sense of injustice. they do not believe in the peaceful intentions of the Muslim community.

inter alia, the “common fight against terrorism,” including to “observe and monitor the sermons in the mosque and other programs We are afraid of radical Islam and we have such a right – said Wojcik, the organizer. He added that the mosque will be funded from Saudi Arabia. He stressed that to build the mosque Muslim League.

The protesters chanted “Radical Islam, no thanks” and held up banners saying “Stop the Radicals” and “Political Islam is threat to Europe”.

A tiny group of counter-protesters turned out carrying banners reading: “Warsaw is for everybody” and “Stop Islamophobia.”

During the demonstration, on the other side of the roundabout have set up a group of members including Employee Democracy. Chanted: stop racism, stop intolerance. Between the two group has set a row of policemen.

We respect the right to freedom of speech, of expression. Themselves practice the constitutional right to freedom of conscience and religion “- said the president of Muslim League Samir Ismail. – We are citizens of Poland, as evidenced by our actions – he added. He stressed that there appeared on the demonstrations and appealed to the Muslims that did not organize a counter demonstration. “They have a right to protest, we have the right to freedom of religion” – he added.

On its website Muslim League called for “the Polish Muslims, and (…) the Polish community to maintain the highest level of calm and reason and to avoid any kind of provocation”. Informed that “the project of building a Center for Islamic Culture in Poland, passed all the legal procedures in force in the relevant state institutions’

Ninety percent of Poles say they are Catholic while the country’s Muslim population numbers between 15,000 and 30,000 people, about 10,000 of whom are in the capital. They include immigrants from Arab countries, Chechens and Tatars who have been based in Poland since the 17th century.

The new mosque is expected to be able to accommodate about 10,000 worshippers. At 12 metres (40 feet) high, it will be topped by a minaret of 18 metres. most of them are Tatars – settled in Poland for over 600 years.

Built a mosque in the capital will be the fifth Islamic temple in Poland. Muslims pray in the three mosques: The Bohonikach (eighteenth century), Kruszyniany (probably from the second half of the eighteenth century) and in Gdansk, houses of prayer: In Bialystok, Suchowoli, Lodz, Katowice and Poznan, as well as Islamic centers in Bialystok, Lublin , Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan and Katowice.

The case is quite simple. While the was settled with the city, this mosque is likely to arise – said a spokesman of the Muslim Religious Union Musa Czachorowski. – Under the Constitution everyone has the right to profess their religion, beliefs – he stressed.

– If we recognize that the mosque violates human rights, then tomorrow could say that the construction of the church or synagogue in breach of those rights – he said. In his opinion “there is no reason to worry about the supply of radical Islam.”

The Islamic Culture Center in Ochota, in addition to the prayer hall, has also arise, inter alia, a library and art gallery. Center will be open not only for Muslims according to his claim.

Protesters accused of intolerance, racism and even fascism. – It was this supposedly “civilized world” violates human rights, as evidenced by even the war in Afghanistan, which are also participating Poles – say representatives of the Socialist Workers’ Democracy grouping. – Down with the racist policies, stop fascism, Warsaw, for all – opponents chanted demonstration, claiming that the fight against intolerance. – Have you in such a case, you to love your woman and read a little about how they are treated in Muslim countries – the construction of a mosque opponents responded.

But the fight against intolerance, opponents also said the construction of the mosque. – We want an agreement with Muslims. At the same time, we can not agree on the violation of women’s rights, as well as representatives of sexual minorities, who are in Muslim countries are sentenced to death – said the organizer.

Interestingly, both demonstrations some passers-by seemed too radical. – Supporters of Islam are wrong, because what kind of racism, fascism and even more so in the views of opponents of the construction?

The mosque and the centre of Muslim culture are financed by Saudi Arabia, a country which violates human rights and where the mere possession of a Bible constitutes a crime,” the association said.

In a petition address to the mayor of Warsaw, the group called for “an immediate halt to the work.”

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  1. Stop the Mosque Poland – The Saudis will use it to try and destroy you from within. Remember your history – Do not trust these Arabs!!!

  2. WTF? I wasn’t aware that there were arselifters infesting Poland. Is there nowhere these curs won’t go?

  3. I’m from Sweden. Do whatever you can to keep these people out of your country, I beg you. They aim only to conquer and spread, while eating our European culture from the inside out. Anyone opposed to this, is immediately branded a racist, a tactic they will continually use while they grow their numbers. Once big enough, their youth will use rioting and violence to get everything they want, while “so called moderate Muslims” sit back in silence, and let their Muslim youth thugs carve the path.

    Antifa, and all the native European IQ 85 useful idiots will also join their cause, because both have the common agenda to deconstruct anything “European”. Their will be some native Poles who try this, be weary of these types of traitors as well.

    I often wonder if the EU is behind this as well, as clearly they have in interest in the destruction of European states, as they attempt to spread the Union’s power and control.

    You have a lovely country! Fight for it, as your ancestors have!


  5. Chuan,
    You should first look at your behavior! I have also been in Poland, and the Polish people are reserved. If they are reacting negatively to you then make sure it is not something you have done.

  6. And,Chuan, the Poles do NOT want muslim scum in their country. Did you know that the only contribution made by arab muslims in WW2 was to send a brigade of thugs to Warsaw to murder Jews for the Nazis. Would you want a group of child molesting, lazy, dishonest, thugs who steal YOUR money and resources building a military base for conquest in your Chinese cities??? Because that is what a mosque is, and that is what an islamist is. If I see a muslim in Poland I would feel quite within my rights, as a human being, to kill it! Bring it on – time to get rid of islam for ever!!!

  7. I am a young Arab, Muslim woman and I agree and disagree with some aspects regarding building a mosque financed by the Saudis in Warsaw.

    1- We live in a world that we must accept and find a common ground to live and work together or else this will lead to another world war and even promote terrorism and extremism. Violence and hatred breeds the same. The hard truth is that you must learn to co-exist with others.

    2- Extremism in religions is always a minority often powerful than majority because they have methods that can be stronger and are often involved in politics. When religion and politics are combined together, unfortunately extremism is likely to occur and becoming the dominating voice for Muslims.

    3- I disagree that the mosque gets financed by Saudis. It should be financed by Muslims in Poland. It has to come from within the Polish society and not from abroad because of the cultural sensitivity.

    4- I agree that the mosque does not have to have a minaret. The first mosque in Islam did not have a minaret. The minaret came out of necessity later on and as part of change in Islamic architecture. Mosques around the world have different architectural styles and it does not have to fit with the classic style of Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country. Some mosques even adopted some aspects of the Christian architecture.

    5- Kaw, you sound like an extremist yourself.

  8. Poland save yourself from Muslims. If you don’t believe me look to Germany, France, and Great Britain.

  9. Poland,
    Remember Warsaw during WW2 – well the muslim brigades did their bit to murder Polish people and all people of Jewish religion in Poland. Do not let the muslim scum get a hold in your country!!!

  10. Poland,
    Remember Warsaw during WW2 – well the muslim brigades did their bit to murder Polish people and all people of Jewish religion in Poland. Do not let the muslim scum get a hold in your country!!!!

  11. moderate Islam good radical Islam bad same as in Judaism and Christianity I say let them build but monitor for radical activities

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