Poll Results: Should the West wage "war on illiteracy" in the Arab world?

54 % said ‘absolutely not’

28 %  said ‘It will create more sophisticated terrorists’

18%  Sure. They will love us for it

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Should the Koran be banned?

6 thoughts on “Poll Results: Should the West wage "war on illiteracy" in the Arab world?”

  1. Sheik,i vote for the third choice….of course it was a Joke,i don’t really beleive they gone love us,not really…….You know what i mean.

  2. No, I don’t believe it should be banned. And here is why – if we do not know what the muslims are reading then all we are doing is playing into their hands. Right now they use moronic excuses to say we have to read it in Arabic. Like they read and understand it (roll eyes and note sarcasm).

    What should be banned is the idea that we should be catering to islam/muslims. Demand that they separate Church and state. Do NOT make foot baths, or serve halal crap in our schools, or segregate because of muslims. The list is endless, as is their demands, to stop in regards to muslims. If they are accepting welfare then they have ‘x’ amount of time to get a job and if their male owners don’t like it then they get ZERO dollars from us.

  3. 99% of those who read this Book do so only by having memorised the sounds. They have no depth of understanding of the real meanings of the contents of the book which anyway must have been written and re written numerous times to meet the needs of the wily rulers of the times. The Muslims have the largest proportion of uneducated people on this Earth. How on Earth could they of different race and continents understand the Arabic wordings in the Holy Book if they in the first place did not have a complete and full education in Arabic.

    They will however pretend that they know the contents of the Book because they can recite it from memory. The massive illeteracy serves the Masters well to control the populace. If things get bad they also have the choice these days of blowing themselves up along with hundreds of their fellow men and women and thus doing a service for their Nation and Religion. Let us wish them well in the Hereafter.

  4. Yes I think it should. At least untill it has been properly translated, because everytime a certain thing is questioned like all infidels should be killed , Gays thrown off mountains, It’s not a sin to marry a child, you have muslims explaining that it’s been misinterparated

  5. We can hardly fight for freedom of speech by banning books. The more non-muslims who read and understand the accursed koran, the better.

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