Radovan Karadzic: war against 'Islamist goals' of Muslims was 'just'


Gay Dutch soldiers responsible for Srebrenica massacre says US general

The Serb cause in the Bosnia war was a “just and holy” war against the “Islamist goals” of Muslims, Radovan Karadzic has claimed during his trial against United Nations genocide charges.

Telegraph, UK/By Bruno Waterfield in The Hague

Wearing a dark suit and tie, the wartime political leader of Bosnia’s Serbs today ended a previous boycott of his genocide and war crimes trial to open his own defence.

Radovan Karadzic  accused Bosnian Muslims of “war tricks” by bussing in corpses and artificial body parts to stage atrocities in Sarajevo

”I stand before you not to defend the mere mortal that I am but to defend the greatness of a small nation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which for 500 years has had to suffer and has demonstrated of modesty and perseverance to survive in freedom,” he told the court in his opening statement.

”I will defend that nation of ours and their cause that is just and holy. We have a good case. We have good evidence and proof.”

Karadzic is charged by UN prosecutors with being the “supreme commander” of an ethnic cleansing campaign of Muslims and Croats in the 1992-95 Bosnian war in which 100,000 people were killed and 2.2 million displaced.

Often referring to himself in the third person as “Karadzic”, the defendant, who has put on weight over the last seven months in his “Hague Hilton” prison cell, insisted that he had no regrets.

”I don’t want to defend myself by saying that I wasn’t important or that I didn’t occupy an important post while I was serving my people, nor will I shift the blame to someone else,” he said.

Beginning his defence his against 11 counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, he traced the origins of the conflict to the rejection by Bosnia’s Muslim leadership of power-sharing proposals.

”The Serbs were the party that made concessions for the sake of preserving peace and they were never in favour of a war solution,” he said.

The Bosnian conflict between Serbs, Croats and Muslims resulted from the break-up of the former Yugoslavia which was in turn caused by American and European recognition of breakaway states, said Karadzic.

Karadzic quoted George Kenney, a US State Department official, telling Alija Izetbegovic, a Bosnian Muslim leader to block negotiations and to “hold out for a unitary Bosnian state”.

He accused a “conspiracy core” of fundamentalists of having tried to create an Islamic state with Western support.

”They had an Islamist goal. They wanted 100 per cent power as it was in the days of the Ottoman Empire. There were fundamental goals changing the destiny of a whole region,” he said. “They want Islamic fundamentalism and wanted it from 1991 to 1995.”

By supporting Bosnian secession from Yugoslavia, Karadzic claimed, Western powers led by Germany, Serbia’s old World War Two enemy, triggered the civil war. “The German victory was complete when its former adversaries from World War Two were doing their work from them,” he said.

Karadzic also quoted Ruud Lubbers, the Dutch Prime Minister in 1991, warning that German pressure for unilateral independence of Croatia and Slovenia would lead to civil war.

”The German government was pressing for recognition against the resistance of other European countries. The result was a catastrophe,” Mr Lubbers said, according to Karadzic.

The defendant, 64, accused Bosnian Muslims of “war tricks” by bussing in corpses and artificial body parts to stage atrocities in Sarajevo during the 44 month siege of the city where 12,000 civilians were killed.

”What I’m going to present here is the marble truth,” he said. “Everything that Serbs did is being treated as a crime.”

Mr Karadzic, who is representing himself, with two legal advisers, has refused the help of a court appointed lawyer and has accused the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia of denying him the time to mount a full defence.

After initially boycotting the opening of his trial last October, Karadzic has pleaded not guilty for charges carrying the penalty of life imprisonment.

He was arrested on a Belgrade bus in July 2008, disguised as a bearded faith healer, after 13 years on the run.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Radovan Karadzic: war against 'Islamist goals' of Muslims was 'just'”

    1. Funny isn’t it that they never found 100,000 graves? This is like the accusation that the Serbs killed 100,000 ‘kosovars’, but only about 3,000 graves were found that were about half Serbs and half ‘kosovars’, which is what the Serbs always claimed to be the case. It seems that the agitprop and disinformation campaign of the Western media and Muslims, a campaign of lies, is still stuck in the heads of blockheads in the West.

    2. The interesting thing is that if you go to the Barnabas Fund’s excellent analysis (linked above) of the recent massacres of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria, you will find that Baroness Cox reports that the Nigerian Muslims have been playing exactly the same trick as Karadzic says the Bosniaks did – murdering non-Muslims and then dragging their corpses to the mosque and claiming them to be, forsooth, MUSLIM victims of non-Muslim violence. Baroness Cox has been working with survivors of jihadist genocide in Sudan for a very, very long time; she seems to have abandoned illusions and gained a good working knowledge of the typical Muslim modus operandi. Her sober recounting of this despicable trick, described to her by Nigerian Christian survivors of the latest atrocities, makes one the more inclined to give credence to the Serbs.

      I recall, also, a particularly stupid Muslim spin-doctor who appeared at jihadwatch. He tried to pass off one of the ‘bone churches’ of central Europe, as ” a church built with the bones of Muslims”. (Unfortunately for him, other people present had I think actually visited the place in question, which is something of a tourist destination for those who like the bizarre; the bones are, of course, those of Christians, long-ago stalwart parishioners of the church…. So his lie was exploded in short order. The Muslim spin-doctor was trying to ‘steal’ the bones of…Christians, in order to argue that Christians had murdered Muslims and used their bones to build the church).

      Muslims seem to have an obsession with dead bodies and the obscene manipulation of same. There’s the ruse we’ve just discussed; then there are the posthumous bodysnatching ‘conversions’ of the non-Muslim newly-dead, in Malaysia (‘surprise! you thought grandma/ grandpa was Christian/ Buddhist/ Hindu but lo and behold, s/he had converted to Islam just before s/he died!’ [or] ‘surprise! grandma/ grandpa secretly converted to Islam two years ago, and here are the witnesses!’) in order that whatever deceased had to leave, may be seized by the one conveniently converted Muslim member of an otherwise non-Muslim family, or simply by the Muslims, period; there’s the dragging of bodies through the streets; there’s Green Helmet Man and the dead child ‘prop’ in the Hezbollah-Israel war; and there’s necrophilia, period (John Roy Carlson records that during the 1948-49 war, the mutilated, burned and stripped-naked bodies of murdered Jews – as, for example, those who were massacred in the Hadassah Convoy – were photographed and became the Arab Muslim equivalent of Dirty Postcards, eagerly traded, hoarded and gloated over with a most unhealthy avidity).

    3. Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case

      (The Documentary Secret United Nations ICC Meeting Papers Scanned Images)

      This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr Karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.

      Unfortunately for the Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states instituting the ICC & ICTY housed at the Hague, insofar as the, Radovan Karadzic, as with the other Hague cases awaiting trial there, I personally witnessed these United Nations member states openly speaking about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for financial funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in Manhattan making the iCTY and ICC morally incapable trying Radovan Karazdic and others.

      I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND judicial appointments, for monetary funding.

      Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly believes if we contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and other countries feeding it financially MORE direct power over its decisions.”

      ((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((( Instead of censoring the country representative from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked!
      The idea was “let’s discuss it.” “It’s a great topic to discuss.”

      Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is, bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate topic instead of an illegitimate toic which it is in the meeting that I attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent international criminal court.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      In particular., since “Spain” was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, “Spain” must have already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was “socially acceptable” for conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and
      ICC before in meetings; this is my take an international sociological honor student. SPAIN’s diplomatic gesture of international justice insofar as, Serbia, in all of this is, disgusting morally!


      I remind everyone, when I attended those ICC Preparatory Meetings in 2001, witnessing first hand the country plenipotentiary representatives present with me discussing so openly, trading judicial funding of a new international criminal court, for its direct judicial appointments and judicial verdicts, those same state powers were


      those same countries and people were already simultaneously, funding the already established ICTY which was issuing at that time, arrest warrants for Bosnian Serbs under false primary diplomatic pretenses.

      The ICTY and ICC is just where it should be for once. Cornered and backed into and an international wall, scared like a corned animal (and I bet it reacts in the same way a rabid cornered animal does too in such circumstances). (ICTY associates)

      (Documents: Hague war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has destroyed all material evidence about the monsterous KLA Albanian/KLA organ trade in Kosovo).

      I believe strongly that ICYU assocaites murdered former Serb President, Slobodan Milosevic, tried to murder me, as well and other Serbs prisoners and presently places , Doctor Radovan Karadzic’s life in direct danger as well as Ratko Mladic’s life
      in danger should he be brought there.

      The ICTY has no other choice than to halt all further court proceedings against, Doctor Radovan Karadzic, and others there both serving sentences and awaiting trials. Miss JIll Louise Starr (The UN Security Council has no choice but to act on this now).

      I accuse the Hague ICTY war crimes tribunal of attempted assassination on my life and others, contempt of court and obstruction of international justice and “international witness tampering” in complicity with Richard Holbrook and Bill Clinton (Former US President of the USA) as well as political players in Spain and the Netherlands .

      I represented the state interests’ of the Former Yugoslavia, in Darko Trifunovic’s absence in those meetings and I am proud to undertake this effort on Serbia’s behalf.

      International Relations Consultant & War Crimes Investigator
      – War
      – Peace
      – Preventive Diplomatic Strategies
      – International Law
      – Charitable Causes
      – International Business
      – International Political Economy
      – Human Rights – Politics
      – War Crimes Investigations
      – Anti-Terrorism
      – Law Projects Center Funded Projects (YCICC) Internationally http://members.fortunecity.com/lpca1/

      What It’s Like to Chill Out With Whom the World Considers the Most

      Ruthless Men in the World Ratko Mladic, Radovan Karadzic and Goran

      Hadzic (+) Confessions of a Female War Crimes Investigator

      Retrospectively, it was all so simple, natural and matter of fact being on a

      boat restaurant in Belgrade, sitting with, laughing, drinking a two hundred bottle of

      wine and chatting about war and peace while Ratko Mladic held my hand. Mladic, a

      man considered the world’s most ruthless war criminal since Adolf Hitler, still at large

      and currently having a five million dollar bounty on his head for genocide by the

      international community. Yet there I was with my two best friends at the time, a

      former Serbian diplomat, his wife, and Ratko Mladic just chilling. There was no

      security, nothing you’d ordinarily expect in such circumstances. Referring to himself

      merely as, Sharko; this is the story of it all came about.



      (Read My Entire Book Here For Free Now).

      (Jill Starr’s Entire American Expose Including the Secret Scanned Photo Documentary

      Evidence I Obtained From the CLOSED UN ICC Preparatory Meetings (2001)

      (Jill Starr On Instablogs)

      (Now Everyone Can Purchase My Rare Books)

    4. What really happened:

      Srebrenica is a small town in the East of the former Yugoslavian republic (and today the state, founded with a baptism of fire by NATO) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, an enclave in the Serbian area of settlement inhabited mostly by Muslims until the mid-1990s.

      But Srebrenica was more: in the constituent republic which was soon to be occupied by UN and NATO troops and torn by civil war, it was a (pseudo-)demilitarised “safe area”, installed by the occupying powers, in addition to Žepa, Goražde, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bihać. All of these “safe areas” were located in areas inhabited mostly by Serbs but were under UN or (which is the same thing) NATO control. Under the protection of the foreign occupying forces, the Muslims, who were anything but “demilitarised”, being equipped with modern weapons (who were also described in the witness statements from surviving Serbs as “UstaÅ¡a” or “Turks”), launched attacks on the surrounding Serbian villages, whose inhabitants they manhandled bestially, tortured and slaughtered. This happened in the area around Srebrenica from 1992 until the summer of 1995, when Serb forces took the town without a fight (!), and this documentation is about the crimes committed against Serbian civilians that have remained unpunished to this day: Srebrenica – what really happened.
      But Srebrenica is even more: it is, when Western politicians and their aligned, US-controlled media mention its name, a topos charged with powerful emotions, a gruesome, bloodthirsty metaphor, in which racism, fascism, genocide, chauvinism, imperial nationalism, ethnic cleansing, mass rape – in short, all of the tried and tested labels for politically correct baiting of the last two decades – are not only uttered, but shouted deafeningly into one’s ears. And let it be noted: the Serb is always the murderer, just like in World War I, just like in Hitler’s invasion of Yugoslavia, and now for the third and presumably last time. The US Empire and its vassals have achieved the perversion of facts that allows the Serbs, instead of being, as they were, the victims of a genocide perpetrated by the Catholic Church and the Nazis, to be portrayed as a fascist people of perpetrators. Clinton, former German SPD Chancellor Schröder and former Green Foreign Minister Fischer are the political executors of Hitler’s legacy.
      “Srebrenica” in its official version is a propaganda lie that will not become the truth however loudly and frequently it is repeated. What the Sender Gleiwitz was to the Nazis, the little town of Srebrenica is to NATO.
      In proportion to the size of this lie is the scale of the crime itself, which was only made possible by the lie in the first place; it can only be compared with the allegedly murdered incubator babies and the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As was taking place at the same time in Iraq, tens of thousands of people fell victim to the economic sanctions that had been imposed on Serbia since 1992. In spring 1999, the remains of Yugoslavia was bombed for eleven weeks by NATO, and then the historical and religious core of Serbia, the Amselfeld (“Kosovo”), was amputated, occupied and, in violation of the relevant UN stipulations, which guaranteed the territorial integrity of the rump of Yugoslavia, “released into independence”. Now, 15 years later, this lie is being warmed up again, because now it is time to pass judgements on both the political and military leadership of the Serbs and ordinary combatants in show trials conducted by the victors and bury them alive for decades in prisons – provided, of course, that they have not already died there under dubious circumstances. And the world will discover, apart from the bawling in the obligatory five-minute hate broadcast, nothing of importance, least of all on the internet. It is ghostly: Radovan Karadžić or Vojislav Å eÅ¡elji, whose adherents number millions, mutate into media monsters, stereotypes of terror. The ruling class has undoubtedly learned since the Nazis’ debacle in the Reichstag fire trial of Georgi Dimitroff et al: the lying runs like clockwork, and technology makes it possible worldwide. The propaganda “Srebrenica” is NATO’s Auschwitz fake.
      Srebrenica, as it really was: one of hundreds of war zones in Bosnia-Herzegovina, torn apart by the civil war between catholic Croats, orthodox Serbs and Muslims forcibly converted under Turkish rule. Just like the Nazis, the US imperialists subjugated the country by using the Islamic-Catholic axis, and the lie ruled right from the start: the Bosnian Serbs are supposed to have killed more than 250,000, while it has been proved that a total of between 30,000 and 60,000 people of all the parties to the civil war died; the evil, evil Serbs are supposed to have “systematically mass-raped” 60,000 women, no, 40,000, no, 20,000, until finally 119 documented cases remained (without the Serbian rape victims, of course) etc., etc. The propaganda “Srebrenica” is to a certain degree the generic term of this orgy of lies that has been raining down on our heads for years. There was fighting in the real Srebrenica too – of course, one almost is willing to say – resulting in about 2000 Muslims dying in battle. There are serious studies that exist on this matter, none more exemplary than that presented by the co-author of this documentation, Alexander Dorin (‘Srebrenica – Die Geschichte eines salonfähigen Rassismus’, Berlin 2010), the Bulgarian Germinal Civikov and several others. Admittedly, their voices are faint, which is inevitable under a worldwide regime of censorship.
      But before the propaganda “Srebrenica” there were real crimes committed in the same region, which have been suppressed, kept silent, covered up, swept under the carpet: because they were committed against Serbs. And these are what this documentation is about. Alexander Dorin has spared neither effort, time nor money in his years of painstaking research in order to bring these denied facts to light, and without a stroke of luck – in the form of a meeting with the co-author Zoran Jovanović – he still would not have succeeded. What they have brought to light is horrendous but none the less true for that. (Will some state censorship authority spring into action this time too, acting on behalf of “youth protection”, “misogyny”, “racism” or whatever? We’ll see…)
      In any case, it has become possible for the unbiased observer to hear the proverbial “other side”, whose voice would otherwise have been silenced for all time – a sufficient, indeed urgent, reason for this publication.
      Freiburg, July 2010

      Peter Priskil

    5. Gen. Ratko Mladic Arrested

      AP is Accuser, Prosecutor, Judge & Executioner in One

      BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Gen. Ratko Mladic, the brutal Bosnian Serb general suspected of leading the bloody massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys, was arrested in an early morning raid Thursday in Serbia after years in hiding, the country’s president said.

    6. These prosecutions indicate that the law in the West has become more the creature of hysteria than reason.
      These prosecutions are irrational.
      The reaction to the scenes back in the 1990s was irrational; it could only produce this result.
      We’re headed for a third world war.

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