Resistance to Islamization meets with Mohammedan disbelief…

In Holland & France… the times they are a’changing…. we need change, urgent… this is so good it gives me a cold sweat….

Wilders: where in the f*kc is the “middle?”

“I am afraid that it will lead to more hatred…” Because being against Islam is “not human”….

By Mariette le Roux (AFP)

ALMERE, Netherlands — Muslims in a Dutch city where the party of anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders won local elections reacted with shock and anger Thursday, fearing his victory would fan animosity.

“I am afraid that it will lead to more hatred,” said 20-year-old student Sakina Buyatui, a Dutch-born resident of Almere, a city of nearly 190,000 people near Amsterdam where a third of the population is of immigrant origin.

In a show of strength ahead of June general elections, Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) came first with 21.6 percent of the vote in Almere in Wednesday’s poll.

“This is bad for Almere,” said Buyatui, wearing an Islamic headscarf at the central station, where people of Turkish, Moroccan and Suriname descent, called “allochtonen” in Dutch, rub shoulders seamlessly with indigenous compatriots.

“It is terrible,” agreed 35-year-old computer sciences student Kadriye Kacar, born in the Netherlands like her parents and grandparents, who were of Turkish descent. More>>

Frenchmen Wearing Pig Masks Protest Halal Only Restaurants…

‘We are proud of eating pork, this is our land!’

PARIS (Reuters) – A French fast food chain’s decision to serve only halal meat in eight restaurants with a strong Muslim clientele has sparked a wave of criticism from politicians decrying the step as unacceptable. Weasel Zippers has more>>

Frenchmen with balls? Who’d have thought?

Spine discovered in Britain: ”This is Britain. We are not a Muslim country”

From The Telegraph/via Vlad Tepes

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering, told the Commons: ”This is Britain. We are not a Muslim country.

”Covering your face in public is strange, and to many people both intimidating and offensive.

”I seriously think that a ban on wearing the burka in public should be considered.” More>>

11 thoughts on “Resistance to Islamization meets with Mohammedan disbelief…”

  1. Interesting language in the AFP article: the Dutch are now the “indigenous compatriots” of the Mohammedan colonists. The adjective “indigenous” is generally used only in the context of a native, typically primitive minority, relative to a more sophisticated, colonising majority. The OED gives as an example of usage of the adjective “the indigenous peoples of Siberia”.

    1. “indigenous” yes. Happy to be one of the “native, typically primitives..”

      Compatriots? Not.

      As for the “sophisticated, colonising” Mohammedans, I suggest they take their sophistication back with them to the desert….

  2. We are seeing the first signs of the tidal wave which will destroy islam in Europe – and the idiot muslims have only themselves to blame. Keep on the good work!!

  3. But don’t then go on to belittle the French by comments like “Frenchmen with balls? Who would have thought.”

    Everything anybody does to show up the stupid , murderous, neanderthal muslims can only be good. You should applaud the French, not have a dig at them. This is a time for us to stand together, just like those daughter-killing, hand-chopping, gay-hanging throwbacks are standing together under the banner of pisslam.

    This is not a time for snide remarks against the people who are on our side. The French have, as far as I can see, had a lot more balls than for example the British, for quite some time now.

  4. The British Conservatives are just doing some cynical election posturing to get votes in the upcoming general election. It’s all empty talk. If they were serious, they would have taken concrete action to clean their own house, purging Islamic infiltrators from the party.

  5. Yes Mullah,i always bring Mein Koran with me when i take a Bath of Mud and Slurry…

  6. That French protest in the youtube video is absolutely brilliant, I love it!!!

    Judging by the way they are dressed and the football style chanting, they seem like football hooligan types, exactly the kind of men you need to lead the way in the fight back, full of strength and bravery! Have these French maybe taken the English Defence League as an inspiration???

  7. Between a Politician and a Prostitute I would rather trust the latter. Both are said to be the world’s oldest noble professions offering mankind service that no one else would want to give. What politicians say is/are meant for vote garnering. After that they are missing busy putting up claims for attending Parliament, transport, local area support expenses etc. The British people should watch out for such specimens in their House of Commons. Now they talk about taking out the burqa and the veil and having the same British law for one and all. Then they will twist and turn and say that Syariah is OK.

    Follow what the Australian Prime Minister told Muslims lately. “Follow our laws and customs or GET OUT. This country practices freedom. Also the FREEDOM to GET OUT.”

  8. “I am afraid that it will lead to more hatred…”
    Nah. Nothing could be done to make her hate you, and me, and our way of life any more than she already does..

  9. ‘ Yusof Ben Isa March 13, 2010 at 9:25 am’

    Our Australian Prime Minister is also facing his Federal Election this year.

    He is posturing for votes, too!

    He is a man of ALL WORDS AND NO ACTION!


    “Submit” NEVER, NEVER.

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