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Atlas Shrugs:

Muslims Burn Homes, Attack, Kill Christians and Buddhists in Bangladesh

Pic snatched from Tundra Tabloids/the return of the coffee filters….

I’m surprised there are Buddhists left in Bangladesh. Must  be the Islamic tolerance that kept ’em alive….

Mainstream media loves the euphemism “ethnic” violence (the BBC used that referring to the machete wielding Muslim hordes in Nigeria). It’s religious, and it has always the same religion — just as it has been for the past 1,400 years, it is Muslim against …….everyone else.

The latest:  EU says Bangladesh must curb violence against Buddhists and Christians (That’ll work…)

Murdered Christian Aid Workers ‘Forewarned’ over ‘Immodesty’…

Sounds like they need an excuse. But not really:

a dozen masked militants stormed the building at about 9:30 a.m., pulled the staff members out of their offices and herded them into a single room, then started shooting indiscriminately. The attackers set off a bomb as they left, destroying the offices, which are located in North-West Frontier Province, in the village of Oghi, near the disputed region of Kashmir.

A spokesman for World Vision said the attackers robbed the employees and stole computers and telephones from the office before opening fire.

Officials in Pakistan said the assailants were of different ethnicities and spoke a mix of Urdu, Pashto and the Pakistani dialect Hindko as they shouted at the aid workers, telling them that they had been “forewarned to stop spreading immodesty.”

Vancouver Expects to Triple Muslim Population in 20 Years…

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  1. I believe I know the reason why muslims are so disagreeable and have such an ugly disposition. Their one desire is to kill all non-muslims, because as they say, they have been instructed to by the devil. These sub humans are direct descendants from apes and pigs and that is why they have such a problem assimilating into the main stream of human beings.

  2. I was reflecting on the Nigerian massacre as I asked myself where were the moderate Muslims?

    In the media you see them everywhere on newspaper sites blaming acts of violence on poverty as they cover up for Islam, but where were they in Nigeria?

    The extremists were the ones that did the butchering, who were the moderates? Those that were notified by phone to leave the area before the butchering started were the moderates.

    How does this apply to the Western World ?

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