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Saudi Arabia one of the largest aid donors in the world?

Saudi Arabia: “majority of housemaids treated well, its only the media”  that gives us (Islam) a bad name…

And anyway:

The Kingdom’s stand is very clear when it comes to human rights. Its gesture toward other countries is also well known; it is one of the largest aid donors in the world…. A country that maintains solid and good relations with the international community will not tolerate any kind of abuse within its borders and this is not just because Saudi Arabia follows the teachings of Islam, a great religion that denounces any kind of abuse even of animals, but because it is the natural act by any decent human being regardless of his religion.

Tortured Maid….

There is no end to the BS these goat-molesters expect us to believe. Read it and weep>>.


Even when maids are rescued, they are not allowed home without their employer’s permission, and the Indonesian and Filipino Consulates maintain safe houses where some maids spend years before being allowed home. Usually they have to drop all charges against their employer and renounce unpaid salary before the employer will give them the exit visa they need to leave.

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Pakistan: Christian maid burned alive to keep her from reporting rape

Another in a long line of stories of abuse of Christian workers by Muslims in Pakistan. This behavior has its roots in the doctrine that unbelievers are “vile” (Qur’an 98:6) and must be subjugated (9:29), and of the lawfulness in Islam of sex with slaves and captives (4:24). “Punjab: Christian maid burned alive to prevent her from reporting a rape,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, via Jihad Watch

Lahore (AsiaNews) – A Christian girl was raped and burnt alive by the son of a Muslim master, for whom she worked as a maid. The girl died in hospital yesterday after two days of agony, for the burns on 80% of her body. The incident occurred in a small town in Punjab and has similar details to the sad story of Shazia Bashir, the 12 year old Christian raped and murdered by a powerful lawyer in Lahore, a crime still for which he is still unpunished.

Kiran George worked for a Muslim family in Sheikhupura, a Punjab town. The girl died yesterday at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, where she was hospitalized on 9 March in critical condition. To unleash the murderous madness of the son of the employer the threat of a complaint of sexual assault.

Peter Jacob, executive secretary of the Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church of Pakistan (NCJP), told AsiaNews that “the house of a Christian family was set on fire” as revenge because “a young man is accused of killing a Muslim.” The Catholic activist explains that the suspect, Yasir Abid, is “subject to pre-trial detention. The victim is the son of a Muslim landowner in the village of Kirtu Pandora, in the Narang Mandi”.

Mohammad Raza Ahmda raped the Christian girl who, at first, confided only with her friends for fear of losing her jobs. Her family’s conditions of extreme poverty had led the young girl to remain silent. When Kiran George threatened her tormentor of telling her story to the police, the young man blocked her escape and closing the door, he poured gasoline all over her with the help of his sister, setting her on fire.

The Muslim master, instead of bringing the girl to the hospital, called her parents telling them that her clothes caught fire while cleaning the kitchen. Kiran George was subjected to two days of slow agony, however, before dying, she told the whole story to the police who opened an investigation file on the young man.

Also in Punjab a crowd of Muslims robbed and burned the house of a Christian family. The assault happened on 10 March in Narang Mandi, a town in the district of Sheikhupura. The extremist’s anger was triggered by the alleged involvement of a Christian in the killing of the son of a local landowner. The mob also burnt some copies of the Bible.

Christian families denounced the “deliberate burning” of some copies of the Bible kept inside the home. Police started to investigate and evaluate whether to open a file of investigation for the crime of blasphemy. In this case, says Peter Jacob, the judiciary “will not act under section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code, which provides for punishment up to life imprisonment for those who desecrate the Koran, but does not provide for the holy books of other religions”.

“We are against the blasphemy laws – concludes activist NCJP – and this applies regardless of the sacred text or who is guilty of the crime.” However, he hopes for “thorough investigations” and the punishment of those who “burned the house of the Christian family.”

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  1. Saudi probably is one of the worlds largest donors of aid – if you include the funding of global jihad (as they would).

  2. Funding of global jihad must definitely count as aid! After all, the jihadists are surely all destitute as they seldom seem to have a job, occupied 24 hours a day as they are with finding out who laughs, who draws something with a pencil and who says things.

    These people have really taken the Nazis’ much beloved credo “If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth” to heart. Here’s a nation that refused to donate money to the 2004 Asian tsunami victims, as the money “could end up helping non-muslims.”

  3. Aid?
    If you consider exporting dysfunction around the world “aid”,I suppose they do.Why can’t we just blow the death kingdom up? We could say it was an accident and no hard feelings,eh.
    Nobody would miss it,not even the other Arabs.

  4. Muslims simply do not help others, even fellow muslims. It is not in their creed, which is why the much-hated west (in the eyes of the muslim parasites that exist on this planet) ends up always saving these useless mullsims (muslims) from nature (and here we could argue with humor that “allah” is trying to destroy a failed experiment – islam – but we keep bring them back ). Nice to see dumb cows like Ayesha Ayesha protest against the muslim murder and rape of non-muslims throughout the world. She is getting so many chances to say something – maybe the burqa is gagging her.

  5. “Muslims simply do not help others, even fellow muslims”
    Dont they? Thats funny, becuase you obbviously havent looked up on the history of the Muslim world. You havent seen the amount of hositability they had. What about the annual charity that Muslims HAVE to give? Thats not helping is it?
    The WEST saves Muslims? Give me one decent example. Like when Britain went in to India and then left when the mess got too much for them to handle? Like when the US goes into Iraq and RUINS the place? Like whats happening in Palestine? Give me one example kaw.
    ” Nice to see dumb cows like Ayesha Ayesha protest against the muslim murder and rape of non-muslims throughout the world. She is getting so many chances to say something – maybe the burqa is gagging her”

    Whatever kaw. You honestly think it’s only me that actually hates murder and rape? Forget if its Muslim to non-Muslims, or vice versa. You need understanding kaw.
    And, no the Burqa is not GAGGING me. It LIBERATES me.

    Nice to see dumb cows like Ayesha Ayesha protest against the muslim murder and rape of non-muslims throughout the world. She is getting so many chances to say something – maybe the burqa is gagging her.

  6. AA

    ‘The burqa liberates me .’
    That one statement shows that you are a fool and not worth listening to

  7. How a burka would liberate anyone is beyond me. Europe is falling behind the Iron Burka as parts of it fell behind the Iron Curtain, and it is its own leaders pulling the strings, stifling any criticism with political correctness and prosecutions.

    Islam is doomed – God will destroy it, along with any false messiahs and false prophets that reject the Truth.

  8. You know what periskas, maybe you have never given yourself the chance to listen to people.
    I’ll tell you how it liberates me.
    Wearing the Burka covers me up, and doesnt show any part of my body. That means that when I have a task to go and do, I can do so without having to worry about preying eyes of men. Women are not sexual objects, they’re people. Some men fail to see this, and so the Hijab PROTECTS me. If I wanted to be whistled at, I’d work in a strip clib. The Hijab liberates me from unwanted looks or stares. Nobody complains about a naked woman walking down the street, but they have a problem with me wanting to cover myself up? Some people dress inappropriately and then complain that they are getting unwanted looks and remarks. That to me is just plain stupid. The Hijab allows me to get on with the job I have to get done without having to worry about anything. It’s a bit annoying if your having an important conference, yet the person in front of you is too busy staring down your top to concentrate.
    Does that not sound liberating to you?

  9. dear KAW,
    i have to correct you about something you said to ayesha about islam dont help any one even muslims, that is wrong islam and muslims they do help each other and that is their duty from their prophet but they are not to help or trust or take any peoples of the books which are the christians and the jews as a friend , so ms ayasha you need to looked up to the history and see how the west when they occupy any muslim country they do not ever try to involve with their religion issues they just leave it alone, and if it wasnt for example when france occupied syria and lebanon they show and present to them about open up schooling , hospitals , instruction how to fix and build roads and so much more which those country they owe a lot to the occupying westerner for their advances.

  10. Please do not refer to mohammed as a prophet. The man was the biggest infidel, the worst murderer and in todays terms, the lowest of the low pedophiles. When my brother married a muslim woman, the first thing she did was to burn the burqa. The burqa is a sign of subjection as a slave to the man, not who married you, but, who owns you, body and soul.
    Muslims help each other, what a bloody joke. I was in India last year and while waiting in an autorikshaw, a burqa clad woman approached me for some money. Yes, she was begging. I gave her a 50 rupee note, to which the driver remarked, don’t encourage beggars sir. The driver was a muslim and he shoed her away. You forget how Britian made India one nation and brought education to all. The hospital system, the railways, post and telegraphs and communication systems were introduced by the British. 20 years ago, India was a beggarly country. All the money which the west gave them, was turned into gold reserves. Nothing has changed, India still remains, just as the arab nations, small minded, ungrateful and filthy, biting the hand that fed them. Take your islam and flush it down the toilet where it belongs.

  11. Sonia: I dont understand a word of that


    Muhammad WAS a Prophet, and ofcourse the best example of ANY man. I’m not sure about the name of the book, but something along the lines of 100 most influential people in history. That was written by a non-Muslim and according to him, Muhammad comes in top 10. Also, dont make a point and dont explain it. Your insults such as murderer, infidel and pedophile mean nothing to me until you can find a proof.
    Really, your brothers wife obviously has no sense and doesnt understand the value of the Burka. How is it a sign of subjugation? How does your husband own you? I have never heard of such a thing! How does a piece of clothing determine that your a slave?!
    I HAVE TO REPEAT MY SELF ONCE AGAIN. The actions of a Muslim and Islam ARE DIFFERENT. Howver, the man was correct. No Muslim should beg. Begging isnt allowed, and he did the right thing in saying that you shouldnt encourage beggars. What he should have done was found her work, or helped her. Not shooed her away, but again, action of one doesnt mean it counts for EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM out there.
    Oh you make me laugh. Britain went in to India and made it one nation? When was that? What about the Amritsar massacre? That was very nice of British General Dyer wasnt it? He went and killed over 1000 innocent civillians, because he wanted to ‘teach’ them!? And, he only stopped because his bullets ran out. That was indeed absolutely brilliant of him. And then when he came back to Britain, he was awarded with a jewelled sword, that said ‘Saviour of Punjab’ on it. HOW RIDICULOUS?! OH yes, thank you britain for awarding a man who killed 1000 people to teach them. Thank you very much. We owe you one.

    1. “The actions of a Muslim and Islam ARE DIFFERENT”

      What an absurd, idiotic statement!

      Muslims follow the teachings of Islam. Islam means submission. Muslims submit and do what Islam demands. Where in the Koran does it say Muslims & Islam is different?

      “All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics..”

      Now, if you wanna talk about the humanity of Muslims, that’s another story altogether. Muslims can be decent human beings, but that’s despite Islam, not because of it. Would you agree?

      Islam dehumanizes Muslims!

  12. Sheik:

    Idiot here is you.

    The actions of a Muslim DO NOT speak for the teachings of Islam. If a Muslims youth steals something, does that mean Islam teaches him to steal? No, it doesnt. If a Christian mob robbed a bank, does it mean Christianity teaches its followers to rob banks? No.
    Same way, if 30 Muslims blow themselves up, its their own stupid choice and has nothing to do with Islam. It really isnt that hard to understand Sheik. I dont see why you find it so difficult.

    “Muslims can be decent human beings, but that’s despite Islam, not because of it. Would you agree?”

    Muslims: A human being that has accepted Islam. How can a MUSLIM be a decent being, if he’s not Muslim?
    What you mean to say is that a man can be a decent being, despite Islam. Yes, ofcourse thats true. A man can be a decent being despite Islam, but Islam and its true teachigns will only make him a better person, if he follows it properly.

    “Islam dehumanizes Muslims!”
    What grounds do you have to say this?!?!

  13. Dear Ayesha,I noticed you did not answer a question posed by Sheik before I think many people here would like to know the answer…
    Have you still got your CLIT ? Where is he ? Did you cut yourself (Ouch) ? Did you throw in the toilet bowl ?…….etc.
    All these questions are legitimate questions that require an immediate response,Thanks.

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