Saudis: Only Arabs, Palestinians & Muslims Have Rights to Jerusalem

Of course. The world belongs to allah and his profit and not to the sons of apes & swine….

Saudis slam Nethanyahu’s AIPAC speech


Official says country expects Quartet clarification over “Israeli arrogance.”

Yeah. Why isn’t the “international Community” prepared to do the dirty work for the Arabs and helps to drive the Jews into the sea?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Monday speech at the AIPAC conference drew harsh criticism from Saudi Arabia, accusing him of endangering the peace process, according to an Al-Arabia report quoting the official Saudi Press Agency SPA.

In other news:

A Saudi official is also quoted as saying that his country expects clarification from the Quartet over “Israeli arrogance…defiance of international will as well as violation of all the international laws and legislations.”

In Netanyahu’s speech, he declared that “Jerusalem is not a settlement,” responding to new criticism of Jewish housing construction in east Jerusalem.

The official also asserted that Israel “blatantly confiscated Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights in Jerusalem without any regard to Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights” in the wake of the Netanyahu government’s plan to build 1,600 homes in Ramat Shlomo.

“Saudi Arabia has always called upon the international community to bear the responsibility of dealing with the Israeli one-sided defiance that usually opposes the peace process,” the official said.

4 thoughts on “Saudis: Only Arabs, Palestinians & Muslims Have Rights to Jerusalem”

  1. “Saudi Arabia, accusing him of endangering the peace process, according to an Al-Arabia report quoting the official Saudi Press Agency SPA.”

    What peace are they talking about? Seriously. What sort of B.S. is that from a group that is right in the middle of the stealth jihad against us and also funds the terrorists in many countries including the Jihadists in the Gaza. I bet everyone forgot about the telethon (A Jerry Lewis style of telethon) to raise money for their Jihadists and their families shortly after 9/11! We caught them red handed and they don’t care – all they did was come here and for the next 9 yrs put more of their wahabbi clerics, fund wahabbi mosques, fund the Muslim Brotherhood front groups, and buy up our media, schools and businesses while our politicians just took their money and do nothing.

  2. As far as I am concerned the Saudis can go and kill themselves. They are violent terrorists .. and there is not much else to say. Note to politicians reading: serve your electorate not the saudi thugs – do not take saudi money.

  3. Another reason to nuke Mecca and prove their Allah is a fake and cause Islam to disintegrate so a real solution can be found in the Middle East. Maybe Israel will beat the U.S., U.K., or France to it?

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