Holland is scared

The Dutch are among the most moderate people in Europe. A hundred years ago, there were only some 50 Muslims in the country, whereas today there are a million. Wilders sees them as a Trojan horse, and fears that European civilization will be lost if the trend of blind, post-modern, multicultural, suicidal tolerance is allowed to continue unchecked.

Because of a high birthrate and swelling immigration, Europe is becoming more and more Muslim every day. Islamic culture, dress and religion are so starkly different that Europeans have begun feeling like strangers in their own homes.  More>>

Cultural Enrichment News

from the Gates of Vienna:

Here’s the article from De Telegraaf, as translated by our Dutch correspondent Bolleke:

Fatima (35) stabbed on her own balcony (Balcony murders are quite common, although they’re not mentioned in the Koran)

by Andre Spaansen

GRONINGEN — Local residents in a street in Groningen stood powerless yesterday, while seeing and hearing their neighbor Fatima (35) stabbed to death in her kitchen and on the balcony of her flat.

Her 51-year-old husband, Ali, was arrested immediately after the tragedy. Read further…

The persecution of Gregorius Nekschot

Not only is his persecution scandalous, the government sponsored intimidation is an outrage:

We’ve heard a lot recently about the persecution and threats aimed at the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who are both the targets of death fatwas for “blasphemy” against the prophet Mohammed via their drawings.

The Dutch artist Gregorius Nekschot is also being persecuted for his anti-Islamic cartoons. Unlike Messrs. Westergaard and Vilks, however, Mr. Nekschot is being hounded by his own government. His case has been pending for two years, and now there are indications that it may actually be brought to court.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report about the latest on Gregorius Nekschot, beginning with a translated article from De Pers: Read further…Gates of Vienna