Sewer rats gather to whine about "Islamophobia"

From the Winds of Jihad dictionary:

Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam.

The execrable “Lord” Ahmed & useful tools

The Muslim Council of Britain hosted a special closed-meeting to discuss the growing spate of attacks in all its forms against British Muslims on March 3rd at the House of Commons.

(Which “attacks” precisely? There are plenty of attacks from Mohammedans against Brits, and few if any attacks on the soldiers of allah/ed)

The event entitled “Tackling Islamophobia: Reducing Street Violence Against British Muslims” brought together distinguished Parliamentarians, academics, journalists, police, public servants, and community representatives who all endorsed calls for the establishment of an All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Islamophobia with a view to holding a parliamentary inquiry on Islamophobia in the UK.

Translation: “distinguished Parliamentarians, (commie hacks) academics,  (wakademic loons) journalists, (far left scribblers) police, (Mohammedan ghetto protectors who are paid to prevent law-enforcement on fellow Mohammedans…) public servants, (a dime a dozen) and community representatives”- (run of the mill headbangers….)

The meeting took contributions from experts and responses from parliamentarians and was concluded with a Q&A session with the audience who comprised of individuals from over 80 organisations.

MCB news release, 5 February 2010/Bunglawussi-watch

Meanwhile, on the streets of Londonistan:

London Muslims Rail against ‘Fags’ – Advocate Death…

How many Mohammedans are there amongst the police?

They got the right slogans…..

We demand a vote on the building of mosques!

Atlas has more

7 thoughts on “Sewer rats gather to whine about "Islamophobia"”

  1. “Run you dogs! Run you kaffir!”

    (muslims making the Metropolitan Police run away)

  2. Hey Sheik – you got a muslima ad on your website!! I almost barfed.

    That is all we need is to advertize that the rabbits need more mates so they make more brats for us to support.

  3. Actually the problem is rather serious. The level of “braim-washing” that is now predominant in the muslim community can be understood through emails of tawhide (read Rawhide) and his ilk. Little or no logic exists in their arguments, and, since this is often seen, it suggest that islamists are actually incapable of learning anything that deviates from their very narrow interpretation of world events, world history and the physical world around us. Choudhury is a very good example of the blind stupidity that is islam. However this problem needs resolution, and it needs resolution quickly. The supposed moderate muslim majority has said little and done little so we need to start resolving these issues without their assistance – by their silence they have now become part of the problem. As a first step we need to impress on our politicians that they are our representatives in Parliament – and that means voters should actively campaign against politicians who have not represented the local community especially in matters relating to politically correct policy taking precedence over community concerns. That means especially councilors and politicians who have supported islamic/muslim interests against the wishes of the general community need to be fired or voted out asap. Only the community can do this and the time frame is now only of the order of 20 years before subsided over-breeding of muslim parasites (by same aforte-mentioned councillors and politicans) who have no intention of integration destroys our society and replaces it with the hell that muslims have created in other countries.

  4. Allah is bigger than logic and common sense, kaw. Allah defeats logic & common sense every day.

    As for Anjem Chaudrey, I’m not sure which side he’s on because he tells the truth, which is very un-Islamic. He might be one of very few who have successfully infiltrated the ummah.

  5. Yes Sheik, I kinda of agree with you about Choudhury. He might be a very good Israeli plant!! Speaking of which, has the police general in Dubai added another 20,000 suspects to the list of people wanted for the termination of a muslim terrorist?

  6. Sheikh

    In the pic of ‘ban the burqa’, I think it is “Rage boy” behind the veil. Look at the eyes. This boy gets around.

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