Sheik ul Qadri's Bogus Fartwa

Irrelevant Nonsense:

Are we all suckers or what? Are we all stuck on stoopid  & a steady drip of hope ‘n change?  Why do we give every headbanger the benefit of the doubt?

In any case: we don’t live under Islamic law, and no Islamic ruling should be considered relevant, unless it is a death-threat against one of our citizens.  None of these so-called clerics should be taken seriously.

Ryan Mauro, in his article in Frontpagemag.,  enthusiastically declares that he found the magic potion, on a unicorn:

“Yes, There Are Moderate Muslims and Here Is One” only to make himself look ridiculous, before he even finished writing his article, let alone publishing it.

Munro even publishes  an update:

Update: NRB readers have made me aware that I may have jumped the gun in calling ul-Qadri a moderate. On the website of his organization, they boast of his role in creating Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law (which I somehow missed), and this article raises further issues that ul-Qadri must address. I have sent an email in to his organization asking for a response.

Nevertheless, I still think his fatwa is extremely important and deserves a lot of attention. Ul-Qadri has said that he specifically wanted to make a document without any equivocation as previous declarations have, leaving no exception for “foreign aggression” or any other justification. Under no circumstances, are acts of terrorism, rioting, etc. to be permitted. This is unprecedented as far as I know.

Here we go again: Because ul Quadri’s fartwa is supposedly against terrorism,  he’s allegedly getting death-threats from the “radicals” .  Apart from being “non binding”, the fartwa is not worth the paper its written on.

In my original post, I was going to write about how this should be followed up by fatwas in support of women’s rights, separation of mosque and state, and against oppression and theocracy to help modernize the Islamic world. Given what we now know about ul-Qadri’s past, I definitely should have included that. I had a conversation with a fellow writer last night about this and about how such change can be speedy but will come in stages. We may not like everything ul-Qadri says, but this is something we can support as we try to empower more liberal elements in the Islamic world’s leadership.

His fatwa is 600 pages long, and it’ll be interesting to see if it tries to only discredit acts of violence, or if it includes the other aspects of oppression that define Sharia Law and radical Islamic ideology, blasphemy for ridiculing Mo and blood money also payed for mohammedan women (according to sharia)in Pakistan – which is why Qadri claims to support women’s rights.

His bio (self pompously told):

“Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is a leading figure who has promoted peace and interfaith dialogue for 30 years.”--from the article.

Qadri’s idea of “peace and interfaith dialogue” may be rather different than what the author of this article suggests, given that Qadri has appealed for the revival of some archaic blasphemy laws in the West, presumably to be used to punish those who “insult” Islam and Muhammad.

In response to the “cartoon crisis” of 2005-2006, Qadri wrote an article available online titled: A call to prevent a clash of civilizations (Sunday, February 26, 2006). In it, he writes:

“[…] There needs to be some mechanism to put an end to these horrific occurrences which may prove a potential threat to world peace.[…]
• 1. All newspapers that have published the caricatures must unreservedly apologise and withdraw their publications.
• 2. Clear legislation needs to be passed by all Governments which balance the right to freedom of speech with the rights of individuals and communities that their sacred beliefs should not be insulted and ridiculed.
• 3. All Governments should then ensure that any such legislation is enforced through the due process of the law and this type of incitement and ridicule never happens again.”[…]

What he is proposing in that article is not referred to explicitly as sharia law, but it is clear enough that he wants sharia-based restrictions on what non-Muslims can express about Islam. In that, he is in agreement with the majority of Muslims in the U.K., who want Islam critics who “insult” Islam or Muhammad to be criminally prosecuted and punished.

Tahir ul Qadri: Typical Mohammedan, fighting among other Mohammedan sects for dominance of his sect. Islam’s SOP. Gravenimage already pointed to some of his “achievements”. He is one of the sharia-lawyers enabling Zia-al-Haqq’s quranic Hudd-laws, eg. blasphemy for ridiculing Mo and blood money also payed for mohammedan women (according to sharia)in Pakistan – which is why Qadri claims to support women’s rights.

His bio (self pompously told):

In another case the Blasphemy Law protecting the esteemed station and reverence of the Holy Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) was also passed for the first time in the history of Pakistan after Shaykh-ul-Islam presented his arguments to the court, over a period of three days, culminating in an Act of Parliament. Another landmark and famous enactment of Parliament concerning ad-diya (blood-money) of a murdered woman resulted after Shaykh-ul-Islam presented arguments in the President House of Pakistan during a special legislative session chaired by President Zia’ al-Haqq.

His organisation Minhaj-ul-Quran and it`s standpoint on “Gaza”:

…He said that more than 1.5 billion Muslims were helpless before 14 million Jews. (…) Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the ruling elites in the Muslim world would have to rise above their personal interests and take collective decisions. Only in this way would peace be established in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Afghanistan, deterring the aggressors from committing aggression against the Islamic countries.

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  1. Have a look at SBS NOW!


    A three or four part Documentary about Muslims, by Muslims, in the U.K.

  2. Really?

    Do these “real peaceful muslims ” read a different Koran?

    I didn’t know there was a version that teaches “hug the unbelievers” instead of kill the unbelievers. And how about the command to wage jihad until the world is Islamic?

    Are they standing up for that or are they lying down…..?

    Wait a minute: I got it!

    You’re an Ahmadi, a heretic!

    How about you sort it out with the 90 % of Sunni Muslims who want you dead?

    Since the mid 1980s the Ahmadi community has been headquartered in Morden, south London, after their leaders were forced to flee Pakistan, the only country in the world that legally forbids them from declaring themselves Muslims. They claim to have 70 million adherents worldwide although detractors say the number is closer to two million. An estimated 15,000 live in Britain including their spiritual leader Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

    Hardline Islamists in Britain have been distributing leaflets calling for the murder of AhmadiMuslims in Kingston-upon-Thames whilst mosques have been vandalised in Newham and Crawley. Preachers in south London have also been orchestrating a boycott of Ahmadi businesses and Ofcom has had to reprimand an Islamic satellite channel for repeatedly calling the sect “Wajib-ul Qatal” – an Arabic phrase used to describe those who digress from mainstream Islam that translates as “liable for death”.

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