Sons of Gourmet Speeches

Muslim Law Students’ War Against Free Speech

by Eric Giunta/ Read it here

Robert Spencer’s real big problem is our problem too:

Today he posted this, from Facebook:

FSU law professors to speak out against free speech

The 1st Amendment & Professional Responsibility in a Republic!

***Gourmet food and dessert will be provided.***

Read it all….

Comment from Hugh Fitzgerald:

The emphasis on food is quite something. “Gourmet food,” “Middle-Eastern food…” In some of the on-line sites I have found run by Muslims, giving advice to other Muslims as to how to get special treatment for your children — prayer rooms in schools, changes in the curricula, etc. — parents are given advice not only on inviting administrators for supper, but what foods to serve.

I have my own experience, and can also report on that of others, who have gone to these Interfaith-Healing nights, these Mosque Outreach Nights, where Christians, or Jews — but seldom Christians and Jews at the same time because at these meetings the Muslims want to stress, for the Christians, just how much they really have in common (with the Jews impliedly odd-man out of the “three abrahamic faiths”) and then, with the Jews, they want to stress just how much Jews and Muslims have in common (with the Christians impliedly odd-man out), and having them both, at the same time. The pitch is always the same: abrahmic faiths, monotheisms, all share the same God, blablabla. No mention of the details — Bani Qurayza, Khaybar Oasis, Asma bint Marwan, Abu Afak, little Aisha — of Muhammad’s life and no imparting of information about how central Muhammad is to the whole thing. Of course no mention of the Hadith. As for the Qur’an — they are counting on no one being able to quote 9.29, 9.5, or another 50-100 verses, and not to know about naskh, or abrogation, indeed not to know a damn thing, but simply and smilingly to accept what is said, while all the while thinking of that chicken-with-pita and the basmati rice, and the honey-with-pistachios or some variant thereof, that is what you are now thinking of, and part of the reason you came.

For many of the law students, take away the food, and 2/3 of the audience would not come.

They’ve got this down to a science. They work on this stuff full time….

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  1. Off topic:

    Armed bandits attack and rob Swiss Casino. Woman was dragged from car by members of gang and beaten. This is classic mohammedan behavior and we may now have islamists resorting to open theft in order to fund their perverted behavior.

  2. Inspector Clousseau iss on ze OT casino case!

    Witnesses said they spoke French, had French number plates on their cars and appeared to flee in the direction of the French border which is barely 200 metres away from the casino. “We are working on the assumption that there is a French connection,” said a Basel police officer.

    Again, nothing to do with the topic, or islam – just a bit of fun:

    Does your dog bite?

  3. I sent an email to the school yesterday afternoon when I found out. A group here called StandWithUs was paying attention and alerted us. I am an ACT for America group leader and joined StandWithUs too. (I also belong to SIOA) But, I notified as many people as I know to email the school and some others.

    These are our future lawyers, judges and possible politicians and these people will be dealing head on with Muslims and their relentless efforts to get us to smarm our country with Sharia laws.


    The contact information for all the deans can be found here. Donald Weidner ( is the principal dean, and the ones who met with student Eric Giunta, who organized the event, were Wayne Logan (, Nancy Benavides (, and Janeia Daniels ( The faculty adviser for the Federalist Society is Fernando Tesón (, and that of the Muslim Law Students Association Rob Atkinson (

    You can email all of them. If you choose to call, the order should be Weidner (850.644.3071), Logan (850.644.4759), Benavides (850.644.7338), and Daniels (850.644.7338). You may call the two advisers if you so wish, as well (Tesón: 850.644.4287; Atkinson: 850.644.4503). But once again: be polite, courteous, respectful, and on-point. Encourage them not to cave in to intimidation, and to stand for the freedom of speech.

    here is a sample letter, and please use your own words!:

    I understand that there is considerable protest against the appearance of Robert Spencer scheduled for Tuesday.

    Robert Spencer is perhaps the leading scholar on the ideology of Islam in America today; and everyone would benefit from hearing what he has to say. Even if some people do not like what he has to say, those people should not be allowed to prevent others from hearing him.

    A school that is teaching our future lawyers and judges, and maybe even politicians, should not be prohibited from practicing the 1st Amendment rights espcially in regards to an area that involves Sharia laws. Those same laws that are the bastians of human rights abuses and those same laws that Muslims want us to abide by. Basically, blurring Church and State for Muslims only or with the intent of giving Muslims a different set of laws than everyone else has. I do believe that is called segregation, prejudice, and just morally wrong. We got rid of those things and work to delete them out of our society while Muslims are trying to bring them back in for themselves.

    The opponents of free discussion must not be allowed to intimidate others or infringe upon the rights of the rest of us. Peaceful protest is one thing, but interference should not be permitted. Please ensure that Mr. Spencer has the opportunity to address his audience without interference.

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