Space Cadets

Creeping Sharia:

The sickle moon, that much we know, belongs to allah… Another one of Obambi’s “outreach” programs:

Obama cuts US space program, orders NASA to work with Muslim countries

Who says terrorism doesn’t work?

Obama’s Budget Cuts NASA’s Moon Project

In his budget proposal, President Barack Obama is doing away with the $100 billion plan to return astronauts to the moon.

On its Web site, the White House Budget Office says the program to send astronauts to the moon is behind schedule, over budget and overall less important than other space investments.

A more important space investment is of course, pandering to Muslim countries.

NASA plans more “outreach” to Muslim countries

5 thoughts on “Space Cadets”

  1. Maybe we can save the monkeys and rodents from being our test subjects.

    Ironic that so many people in those muslim lands can’t get their crap together and do it for themselves. We have to cut money on the space program so we can send out dhimmi payments to crap holes in the middle east.

  2. Would you want to ride in a space shuttle with a muslim? Bad enough on a shuttle bus.

  3. Meet Muhammad al-Jetson,
    His Boy Achmed,
    Daughter Jasmina,
    Jilbab, His wife (number one)

  4. I would like to offer two arguments which can show how backwards Islam is:

    1. The Islamic Crescent moon and star symbol is scientifically unsound. Ironically, one need only look at one of the most intelligent Jews to have lived to date ( Albert Einstein) to understand this.
    a) The crescent moon can only be the moon which orbits the earth.
    b) The position of the star in the Islamic symbol is scientifically
    c) While observing a solar eclipse, Einstein noted that a star located
    “behind” our sun normally not visible at any other time, was
    visible due to the effect of the sun’s gravitational effect on light
    (photons) in an effect called parallax.
    d) While studying gravity and the effects of parallax, he determined
    that only solar objects with a certain solar mass could produce
    the “gravity well” needed to bend light and reveal stars “hidden”
    behind them during an eclipse.
    e) Our moon has no such mass, making the “star” in the Islamic
    symbol an impossiblity. It also lies “on top of” the unseen
    portion of the moon normally seen during a full moon.

    2. The Periodic Table of Elements is the standard by which one can
    quickly judge where the best and the brightest minds came from.
    a. Polonium – Poland
    b. Germanium – Germany
    c. Radium – Marie Curie – France
    d. Californium – The United States of America

    While the word “alkali” may be Arabic in origin (Al Kali?) I believe there is not a single muslim entry into this field of scientific endeavor and honor, which, when pointed out clearly to any muslim, would have to be a source of great embarrassment and dishonor, given that the infidel or non-believer is so much more advanced.

    Atomic Bomb – Oppenheimer
    Hydrogen Bomb – Teller
    Neutron Bomb -Cohen

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