Spain: Stoning victim disappeared without a trace, seven Muslims charged over sharia court get off

The Muselmafia works like a charm:


The seven Moroccans charged with having set up a court of Sharia law in Valls (Catalonia) and of having passed a death sentence on a women accused of adultery, have today been released.

The committal judge at Tarragona Court was forced to overturn their imprisonment after the woman who had brought the charges failed to appear in court to identify them for the third time, say court sources, cited by the EP agency. The woman, of Moroccan citizenship, disappeared without trace last November and is thought to have returned to live in Morocco, although the police in that country have not been able to trace her. The charge brought against the seven men, who were facing the prospect of 23 years’ imprisonment for kidnapping, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime, is entirely based on the inquiry conducted by the Catalan police force, the ‘Mossos d’Esquadrà, who had corroborated the ‘probable’ existence of a Sharia court at Valls. The court has, however, left the case open, as well as the accusations against the seven men, who are now free to leave custody.

In other news:

The 6-year-old son of a Colorado nursing student who ran off to Europe
to join a terrorist murder cell was brainwashed into a hate-filled
Islamic fundamentalist zombie, his family said yesterday.

MADRID, MARCH 12 – A Spanish woman reported the imam of the main mosque in Lleida (Catalonia) to the Guardia Civil for polygamy and abuse. (ANSAmed)

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  1. Regarding the Moroccan woman who has dissappeared – it seem she has been murdered and the six muslims should have been charged with murder in her abscence. Can we get the name of the Judge and lawyers involved??

  2. Whenevr I see any post re Spain I cannot help but remember the Spanish “Special Forces” “Swat” Officer who was killed during an arrest attempt of members of the “Religion of Peace” in connection with the Madrid slaughter.
    Some days after he was buried his body was found dug up and dismembered in the Cemetry he was buried in with some Blasphemous Graffittee sprayed over the headstones nearby.

    These sick fucks, Muslims, are Satans Spawn, they are Beasts who walk amongst us and as such should be dispatched at every opportunity available.

    Identification +Internment+ Deportation to whatever Country THEY or their Ancestors RAN AWAY FROM = A Peacefull West

    Islam is incompatable with Civilization See Australia : Islamic Sociopaths Inc. Muslim Leaders admit Muslims are incompatible with civilized Societies.

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