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The making of a new Arab lie

The UK-based Hamas newspaper Palestine Info claims that the Bashiti family owns the land that the Hurva synagogue is on.

Subhi Shoaib Bashiti claims that his grandfather, Hasan al-Bashiti, bought the land - in 1880.

Of course, the Hurva had been rebuilt already well before then, with its first rededication occurring in 1864. The land had been unquestionably owned by the Jewish community since 1819. It is absurd to believe that the Jews would have sold the land the synagogue was on in 1880.

Cult of keys….

Like terrorism, lying about subjects like these is a form of asymmetric warfare. It is easy to make up the lies; it is often much harder to defend against them all. The liars just have to succeed once to make the lying worthwhile.

Elder of Ziyon

Gateway Pundit:

Allah Is a Zionist

At Tablet, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, secretary general of the Italian Muslim Assembly, makes the Quranic argument for Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel:  Read more . . .

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem by Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes gives Palazzi the benefit of the doubt:

Palazzi notes several striking and oft-neglected passages in the Qur’an. One of them (5:22-23) quotes Moses instructing the Jews to “enter the Holy Land (al-ard al-muqaddisa) which God has assigned unto you.” Another verse (17:104) has God Himself making the same point: “We said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Land.'” Qur’an 2:145 states that the Jews “would not follow your qibla; nor are you going to follow their qibla,” indicating a recognition of the Temple Mount as the Jews’ direction of prayer. “God himself is saying that Jerusalem is as important to Jews as Mecca is to Moslems,” Palazzi concludes.

Should we take Palazzi seriously? Robert Spencer doesn’t think so:

The Qur’an: Israel Is Not for the Jews

I read the arguments for and against Palazzi. My money is on Spencer……

Barnabas Fund Exposes Media Coverup of Massacres of Christians in Nigeria

Moral equivalency is a matter of dogma in the mainstream media: When five hundred Christians were massacred in their homes by machete-wielding Muslims in Nigeria’s Plateau Province on the night of March 7, news reports claimed it was simply retaliation for previous attacks on Muslims. That is an outright falsehood, according to The Barnabas Fund, an interdenominational Christian organization devoted to assisting Christians around the world who face persecution.

Here is the Barnabas Fund’s press release laying out the facts:(more…)

Nigerian Muslims Slaughter More Christians

…and cut their tongues out. But not to worry, it won’t happen to you because Muhammad declared the mutilation of bodies un-Islamic, unless, of course, “it gladdens the hearts of the believers…”

Journalists’ Voodoo Taboo

Please don’t tell me that voodoo should be “respected” as a religion!

In a USA Today column, Rod Dreher makes the case that voodoo—and other minority religions—shouldn’t be off-limits from journalistic examination:Read more . . .

Where is the Ambassador for Religious Liberty ?

Why do we need religious liberty when we already have the O-bast*d in the white house?  Did Freedom From Religion  ever win any votes?

According to PBS’s Religion & Ethic Newsweekly:

A 1998 law mandates that the US government have an Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom to advance religious liberty around the world as part of American foreign policy. But the Obama administration still has not appointed anyone to this post, even though in his landmark speech to the Muslim world from Cairo in June 2009 President Obama said religious freedom is an American priority.

More equal than others: Muslim Police Club gets another £10,000

“The police should be there to catch criminals, as simple as that. Setting up groups such as these simply creates tensions and division. Equality should mean equality. It flies in the face of everything politicians lecture us about.” Daily Express