"Third Intifadah" Coming. Thanks To Obambi, Shrillary & Biden…

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The Day In Israel: Thursday Mar 18th, 2010

Ralph Peters:

From the plucky little king in Jordan:

Grandpa destroyed all synagogues in ‘east’ Jerusalem, Grandson doesn’t want them rebuilt

Sixty-two years after Jerusalem’s synagogues were destroyed, Abdullah’s grandson and namesake, now the King of the most anti-Semitic country in the World, is trying to stand in the way of Jewish rebuilding in ‘east’ Jerusalem. He does so through the usual Arab – Muslim whining and seething./Carl

Dozens injured in Jerusalem riots

Pal-Arab Peacenix at work….

Red Crescent says 49 Arabs injured in violent clashes in east Jerusalem. Police chief notes ‘This is no third intifada.’ Meanwhile, MK Zoubi in al-Aqsa Mosque says Israel’s policies of ‘ethnic cleansing’ make third intifada ‘unpreventable’ Y-Net News

“Violence erupts” – all by itself!

Elder of Ziyon

When the media uses the passive voice concerning violence in Israel, you can be sure that the violence wasn’t started by the Israelis:

Clashes erupt in East Jerusalem
Violent clashes erupt in East Jerusalem as synagogue reopens
Clashes erupt in Jerusalem; US envoy cancels trip
Clashes in Jerusalem Mark Rising Tensions
US envoy halts trip as violence erupts over Jerusalem flats

Palestinian Arabs don’t riot. They are just passive bystanders as “violence erupts.” And rocks just happen to crash through car windows, all by themselves.

But sometimes, the media’s hatred of Israel overpowers even the false desire for blamelessness:
Israeli forces clash with Palestinians

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