Today's bloody harvest…

Pakistan: Five killed in attack on Christian charity

No aid needed: Militants today killed six staff at the offices of aid group World Vision in north-western Pakistan.

Peshawar, 10 March (AKI/DAWN) – Militants armed with guns and grenades killed at least five people when they stormed the offices of a US-based Christian charity in Pakistan on Wednesday, officials said. The gunmen attacked the offices of World Vision near Oghi, in the district of Mansehra in the troubled North West Frontier Province, where Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants have carried out multiple attacks.

Many foreign aid groups set up offices in the district to help victims of the 2005 earthquake, which killed about 80,000. Extremists claim the aid groups work against Islam. LES

Pakistan: Christians, not Muslims, arrested following attack on Christians

In the weeks following a February attack on Christian churches and homes in Pakistan’s largest city, police have questioned 40 Christians and arrested five, according to a report published by the Fides news agency. “It is an ironic accusation,” a source said, since “on that occasion, it was the Christian quarter of Pahar Ganj in Karachi that was attacked by a mob of Muslims who wrought havoc in the streets and burned shops.”…

Iranians caught with stolen Israeli passports

Ma’ariv reports that three Iranians were caught at an airport in Seychelles trying to use stolen Israeli passports. The Iranians were sent back on a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, from where they came.

Balkans: Increase in asylum seekers causes concern

Belgrade/Skopje, 9 March (AKI) – Some members of the European Union are concerned about a sharp increase in the number of political asylum seekers from the Balkans, since visas were abolished last December, local media reported on Tuesday. Serbs are running from Muslims? Who would have thought?

Suicide Bomber Unleashes Holy Hell on School Kids…

We don’t need no education…..

Italy: Former sex slave tells story of ‘trip of no return’

Rome, 9 March (AKI) – When Isoke Aikpitanyi left Nigeria in search of a new life in 2000, she thought she was going to work as a fruit vendor in a market in London. A well-known lawyer from Lagos had asked her to pay 30 million lire (15 thousand euros) for the trip and a job selling fruit when she arrived.

Indonesia: Suspected Bali blast mastermind killed in raid

Yep, but how can we be sure? Most of the time these “masterminds” pop up again & again….

Pamalung, 9 March (AKI/Jakarta Post) – Indonesian security forces said on Tuesday they had killed a top suspect in the deadly 2002 Bali bomb attacks. The man was named as Dulmatin alias Joko Pitono, an alleged senior member of the Al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiah group.

Dulmatin was killed in a raid conducted by the police’s counterterrorism squad on an Internet cafe, according to a n unnamed police source.

“He was shot dead just five minutes after he logged on to the Internet,” the source said.

Tantawi kicks the bucket:

From a 2008 interview:

“Tolerance has its limits. Get it? Tolerance has its limits.”-

CAIRO – SUNNI Islam’s top cleric, Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, died on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia of a heart attack suffered while boarding a plane, Egyptian officials and state media said.

The last of the “moderates…”

He was vocal in his opposition to female circumcision genital mutilation, which is common in Egypt, calling it “un-Islamic”.  Sheikh Tantawi had (also)  infuriated radical Islamists with his moderate views on women wearing the veil.

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  1. Now this will raise some red flags. World Vision, the bastion of Anglo compassion worldwide! Things will change in the Anglo-Celtic MSN. More coverage will happen now. The gloves are off!

    “…No aid needed: Militants today killed six staff at the offices of aid group World Vision in north-western Pakistan…”

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