Tori means chicken in Japanese

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Some politicians seem to be willing to sell their grandmothers bones for another day in power. Tim Archer, the Tory parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, seems to be one eager beaver….There’s more over at Gilligan’s Island.

Dozens of people were arrested and several injured after violent clashes between anti-Muslim militants and anti-fascist pro-Islamic protesters and police during a demonstration in Bolton.

Good grief! The females in the Islamo camp must be the ugliest under the sun!

Weyman Bennett, the UAF joint secretary who organised the protest, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, police said.  (Weyman Bennett is a notorious trouble maker & far left loon who also writes crap for Al BeBeeCeera/ed)

EDL protester Stuart Rogers, 31, from Bolton, draped in the English flag, said he was there “to support England, against the Taliban bombers”.

He added: “All my family are in the Army – my dad, and my brother, who has just done 11 months in Afghanistan. Why are our troops out there when they should be at home?” Telegraph/UK


UPDATE: UAF Leader Weyman Bennet among those who were arrested. He’s also reported to have said at a Gaza demonstration in London ““Smash capitalism, smash Israel” and demanding that Israeli Jews “should go back to where they came from … New York or wherever.”  (thanks to Tundra Tabloids)


Police are trying to contain thousands of demonstrators from the English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) at a protest in Bolton. More than 1,500 UAF and 2,000 EDL supporters are in Victoria Square and a number of people have been injured.

At least 50 people have been arrested, including the UAF protest organiser on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, police said. The EDL says it opposes “militant Islam” and Sharia law. The UAF accuse the EDL of being a far right party but it describes itself as a peaceful, non-political group.

H/T: Baron Bodissey/via Tundra Tabloids

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  1. Crikey, that “female” in the photo needs a burka this instant!

    As for Weyman Bennett, about time his thuggish tactics were brought to book.

    Saying that, he didn’t look so sure of himself when he was hunted down by Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics either!!! Lol

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