Turkey Raids Synagogues

Turkey: Muslim Police Storm Synagogue Demand Worshippers IDs

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Genocidal maniacs have fantasies of the Islamic Ottoman empire dancing around in their insane heads. Still demanding the dhimmi world sanction their genocide of millions of Armenian Christians ….now this.

And Obama keeps prostrating himself in front of this pox on humanity.

Turkish Police Accost Sabbath Worshipers in Synagogue hat tip Kenny Solomon(IsraelNN.com) A Turkish newspaper reports that police burst into an Istanbul synagogue during recent Sabbath services and demanded worshipers’ ID’s.

The Turkish Milliyet newspaper reported that the Muslim government in Turkey appears to be cracking down on non-Muslim minorities. The individual communities are not being permitted to have their own leaders; one person will be recognized by the government to represent all the minorities as one. As the Christian community outnumbers the Jewish one, it is expected that a Christian will serve as “Chief Rabbi.

In addition, Christian and Jewish children are being placed in separate non-Muslim public school classes. In Jewish schools, only Turkish citizens are allowed to be registered – preventing the son of a Jewish United States consul worker from studying in a Jewish school.

Finally, Turkish authorities raided the Hemdat Yisrael synagogue in Istanbul one Sabbath morning, the most crowded day of the week, and demanded that worshipers produce identification and proof of residence. Most worshipers did not have the required papers because of Sabbath restrictions, but were allowed to produce them at the conclusion of the Sabbath.

Leaders of several minority religious communities convened for an emergency meeting last month to discuss the worsening situation.

Rabbi Yitzchak Haleva, Chief Rabbi of Turkey, says it’s “much ado about nothing.” Speaking with Israeli media sources last week, Rabbi Haleva said that all misunderstandings had been resolved and that he himself will be running for re-election for the position of Chief Rabbi about two months from now. Regarding the mid-services Sabbath check of ID’s, Rabbi Haleva told Makor Rishon’s Yitzchak Hildesheimer that it was only a matter having to do with internal security.

A real dhimmi rabbi. These schmucks sell us down the river every time in a pathetic attempt to keep the peace.

A Turkish Jew quoted on Ynet did not sound confident, however: “Everyone here is apathetic, they are involved in their own business and their work – but we do feel that the situation has changed, even though it is being ignored. It is reminiscent of other periods in history…”

Turkey Recalls US Ambassador
Turkey recalled its ambassador to the U.S. last week after the House Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved a resolution recognizing the Turkish slaughter of Armenians during World War I as genocide. The London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabiye editorialized that the “Jewish lobby” in Washington is to blame for the resolution.

Red State blog left this comment:

This is how it starts every time. First, there are the inconvenient raids for “papers” and then comes the arrests on trumped up charges.
Soon, you will see some political climber take advantage of the situation and begin his diatribe against the Jews. We have seen this movie so many times.
The death of political correctness came finally and only the most misinformed leftists felt a tinge of sorrow. The mainstream knew PC had gone too far and now it’s time for Muslims to choose a book other than the Quran. They can still be a religion of peace if they will reject the violent teachings and begin to accept that Earth is big enough for all Billion of them and the Twelve Million Jews they obsess over.
Let me repeat that: more than One Billion Muslims an only Twelve Million Jews.
One is bigger than all of China. One is just smaller than a busy day in Manhattan.

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  1. Islam is the biggest madhouse on earth, cause ALL Muslims follow the “excellent example” (33:21), the insane (narcisssit), pedophile (Aisha 8 vs. Muh. 54) and mass-murderer

  2. allah is spoiling for war, and God will accommodate it, on His terms.

    Goodbye, Turkey.

  3. * One is bigger than all of China. One is just smaller than a busy day in Manhattan.

    One will be destroyed; the other will be delivered, and through it all the nations of the earth will be blessed.

  4. Divine Justice is blended with Mercy. The Lord was merciful in sending a small quake to Turkey. This country sits on the criss-cross of numerous fault lines on the Earth’s crust. It is so because the complete wipe out requires such a massive fault all over the land. The law of Kharma – Action and Equal reaction – is faultless. The Ottomans must pay for their past and present sins by themselves or their future generations.

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