Turkish Reporting: "hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices…"

There are ways, however, to make them more sensitive. Islamic Iran is leading in this field, and PM Tayyip Erdogan is working hard to revive the cadaver of the Ottoman empire….

Secularist party members in Turkey tear up chador in street

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Women from main secularist opposition party torn up chadors in the middle of a street in a move that apparently shows hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices in Turkey.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) launched a move to embrace women in headscarves and chadors, called “chador opening”, before local elections in 22 July 2009.


The move comes on the anniversary of the abolishment of the Caliphate in Turkey.

Approximately 100 women in the southern city of Mersin met in front of the Ataturk House on Ataturk Street, bringing a chador to the street.

CHP had angered freedom supporters when it prevented the freedom of wearing headscarf in universities by applying to top court to annul the parliament’s amendment which would give limited freedom to girls.

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Turkey: A Threat, Yet Again

Ruling AK Party and National Movement Party (MHP) made an amendment to limit the ban in 2007.

“Headscarf ban”

Mersin Provincial Women’s department chairman Havva Ongunsel, talked about the anniversary.


There are “dark clouds” on the horizon in our country. We will continue to stay together against those who threaten the unity of the Republic of Turkey, to protect the revolution Ongunsel said.

She and other CHP women then started tearing up the chador, and stomped on the pieces.


The country has a population that is 99 percent Muslim.

The majority of Turkish women wear headscarf as a religious practice. Some of the devout women wear chadors.


However, Turkey imposes the headscarf ban at all public domain including universities, except on street.