Turning Western Universities into Madrassas

Slightly edited from Islamization Watch:

More Saudi money in UK universities

40% or higher illiteracy rates among Arab/Muslim women, but the Arabs pour hundreds £ of million$ into western university €stablishments.  This money determines what a country hears and learns about Islam. The Arabs  determine what studies are conducted.   Today  nobody, no one challenges  Islam’s tenets or its history. Truth-seekers are shouted down, ostracized and derided as “racists”.  Great universities  are reduced to madrassas.

PRINCE Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia has been awarded an honorary degree by Edinburgh University.

During his visit to Edinburgh, Prince Alwaleed opened a new research centre for the study of Islamic civilisation and issues relating to Islam in Britain, which is based at the university.


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  1. Three years ago, the then Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali (son of Pakistanis who converted from Islam to Christianity, and who brought him and his siblings up from birth within the Christian faith) visited Australia. I heard him speak at a packed-out meeting in a large suburban church – there would have been some hundreds of people present. In the course of the lecture, and also during the question time after, he made this same point very clearly: the loss of academic freedom that has happened in the UK due to Muslims gaining a financial and ideological stranglehold upon the teaching of anything to do with Islam, in the universities. He warned that this was happening in other countries as well.

  2. I know of two Sydney universities whose “academics”would be thrilled to have a Saudi funded Islamic studies faculty on their campus. It would be the finishing touch on efforts that curtail any meaningful discussion of Islam. It is very odd that in the academic race to destructure everything from Anzac Day to the Nativity, Islam alone has remained sacrosanct. But on the upside, a Saudi funded faculty might arrange a study and lecture tour for our “academics” to savour first hand the countries and cultures of which they are so favourably disposed.
    When they do go, perhaps they would have the courage to lecture in the areas they are most qualified – ie. “feminism and method,” “queer histories, “enlightenment thinking” or “the rights of man.”
    For those who do return from their study tour, they might use their first hand experience and apply that celebrated “scientific method” to their former ideas – and destructure themselves.

  3. These pepole are the lowest grade of academic, who survive simply due to the will of a PC elite. Remove then from the equation and the wacademics are also gone.

  4. The process of de-balling once-Great Britain continues, with police forbidden to ask for Christian names, refer to people as “businessman”, “housewives” or “child” in case it causes offence to … well, you might guess. “Mixed race” is out, “mixed parentage” or “mixed cultural heritage” is in. “Gang rape” is out, as it too emotive – “multi-perpetrator rape” is in.


    Officers taking down a suspect’s particulars must now ask them for a “personal and family name” in case the word “Christian” offends Muslims, Sikhs or other faiths, according to the new official guidance.

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