UK: Muslim woman barred from flight after refusing body scan

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This is good. The body scans ultimately will prove ineffective to stop the ever-innovative jihad terrorists. Jihadis are blazing new trails in the illustrious history of Islamic inventions by always devising new ways to elude airport security procedures and murder flying Infidels. But as long as the scanners are in place, no single group should be able to bypass them and then fly — and that is what Muslim groups have been angling for, an exemption from the scanners for Muslims specifically, which demonstrates breathtaking chutzpah in light of the fact that it is Islamic jihadists who have made them necessary in the first place, and a breathtaking audacity in the openness of its attempt to smooth the path for jihad terrorists in airports.

“Muslim woman barred from flight after refusing body scan,” from the Telegraph, March 3 (thanks to JW): continue beneath the fold>>>

Update/Newsflash: A BRITISH Airways worker has been arrested during a probe into terrorist fund-raising, it emerged yesterday. More>>

Atlas Shrugs:

Conviction Overturned of British Muslim Woman Convicted of Penning …

Flashback:British Muslim woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings Daily Mail

Lyrical terrorist Samina Malik claims “she was just a ‘fan’ of the terrorist music”

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, told the court the defendant liked to be known as the “lyrical terrorist” or “a stranger awaiting martyrdom”.

“She is a committed Islamic extremist, who supports terrorism and terrorists.”

She does indeed. But nothing can stop the PC MC people to accept reality and keep the jihadists out of our airports….

U.K.: Four arrested, including two British Airways employees, in “terror plot” raids

One terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. That’s why the tarts from Daily Mail put “terror plot” in exclamation marks:

The next question for British Airways should be: “Is political correctness in security screening practices putting the flying public at risk?”

“Four men including two British Airways employees arrested in ‘terror plot’ raids,” from the Daily Mail, March 3:

A Muslim woman is thought to have become the first passenger to be stopped from boarding a flight after refusing to go through a full body scanner for religious reasons.The passenger was at Manchester Airport for a flight to Islamabad when she was selected at random to pass through the security screen.

She was warned she would not be allowed to board the Pakistan International Airlines flight if she did not comply with the request but she decided to forfeit her ticket.

Her female travelling companion also left the airport after she cited ”medical reasons” for not wanting to go through the scanner.

More than 15,000 people have already passed through the £80,000 Rapiscan machine at the airport’s Terminal 2. The Government introduced the scanner at Heathrow and Manchester airports last month.

Security staff use the X-ray machine to check for any concealed weapons or explosives but it has attracted criticism for also showing clear outlines of passengers’ genitals. Civil liberties campaigners have criticised the scanners as an invasion of privacy.

Sources at Manchester Airport said the flight to Pakistan about two weeks ago was busy and that no other passengers objected when chosen to go through the full body scanner after check-in….

4 thoughts on “UK: Muslim woman barred from flight after refusing body scan”

  1. Well, when she refused a body scan, they had the perfect excuse to be inspired by her own bloody poem and behead her as a terrorist. It is time for Western countries to put aside political correctness and world opinions and deport the whole lot of them.

  2. Western thinking, philosophy, human rights, compassion, care, etc are alien to these specimens bred in the desert dans. Nothing that EURABIA or USABIA will do is going to satisfy them until they take control of the world for their “Masters” hiding in the dark closets and corridors.

    Whether the West takes things seriously and acts to save the future or decides to accept the status quo is something that the incomming generation would have to be told about. Because, it is then that the Non-Infidels will be ruling these continents seen at the present pace at which their grip is ever growing over the ‘MIND” of the West. At this point the west does not seem to be able to withstand the onslaught of the Anti Christ.

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