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“Christian” names to go:

Officers Can’t Ask for First Name Anymore

Thanks to Politically Incorrect:

In once great Britain it is common to ask for the “Christian name” when dealing with individuals. What is meant by this “Christian Name” is simply  the first name (baptized name). “To be on Christian name terms,” is the normal expression for saying that one is on familiar (rather than formal) terms with the individual. However, since it is a silent affront to “those with other beliefs,” this expression is to be done away with.


UK: Rise in Muslim marriages between first cousins [75%] ‘putting children at risk of birth defects’, warns Baroness

The usual response will follow ~ the Baroness Deech who is putting forward the proposal ~ will be called racist. Read more…Islamization Watch

UK Violence Erupts: Fascists (UAF) and Muslims Descend on Patriots (EDL) and Police

The patriots — check out the Israeli flag on the right and background, and American flags

They came to protest the encroaching oppressive sharia law and jihad — peacefully. So of course the thugs and the sharia nazis had to show and turn it into a violent melee. More from Atlas Shrugs

Some scum was arrested: Weyman Bennett  -Idiot And Con Artist. According to the Tundra Tabloids he also works for Al BeBeeCeera

UK: “Anti Islam” headmistress wins damages

Efforts to Islamize a local UK state school meant that headmistress Erica Connor was forced out on charges that she was racist and Islamophobic.

The headmistress forced from her job after two Muslim governors tried to give Islam a stronger presence at a school is entitled to £407,000 damages, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

Lord Justice Laws accepted that decision, agreeing that Surrey County Council acted negligently in failing to protect Mrs Connor, 57.

The problems at New Monument Primary School in Woking, Surrey, were said to have begun when Paul Martin, a Muslim convert, and Mumtaz Saleem became governors. A review later found no evidence of deliberate racism but said the governing body was dysfunctional.  Read more…

Church of England’s loss is Radical Islam’s gain

With the resignation of Michael Nazir-Ali as Bishop of Rochester last year, the Anglican and Catholic Churches in Britain no longer have a single bishop who grasps the extent of the threat of Islam to civil society.

NAZIR-ALI was the only incumbent bishop who not only understood the true incompatibility of Sharia law with our ancient common law, but also followed in great detail the incremental changes to the public sector in order to accommodate Islamic religious demands. It’s no coincidence that the only Church of England bishop who understood the full implications of domestic Sharia was also the only one properly alarmed by it. Nor is it surprising that he found it impossible to exercise his office under the leadership of an Archbishop of Canterbury who, shamefully, wishes to afford greater state recognition to Sharia. How depressing. But the Muslim Council of Britain is pleased, that’s for sure, as are the Church liberals.  Barenaked has more:  England’s loss is Radical Islam’s gain

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  1. regarding theriots: simply another demonstration that islamists, like the twat “enemy”, simply should not be allowed to live in civilized countries,

  2. Such a beautiful array of flags. Western and proud, no Islamic green flags to be seen. The elites may sneer and capitulate to tyranny, but the masses know danger when they see it.

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